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MTN 2017 Annual Meeting

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Sun, 03/19/2017 - 08:00 - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 15:00

The MTN 2017 Annual Meeting was held March 19-22, 2017, at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.  Presentations from our Plenary Sessions have been posted below along with other meeting documents.


Documents /Reports
MTN 2017 Meeting Agenda2017-Mar-0985.81 KB
MTN Study Summaries2017-Mar-09472.02 KB
Understanding Consumer Preference for HIV Prevention Products2017-Jun-0539.11 MB
Medidata Rave Training
Medidata Rave Overview2017-Mar-192.01 MB
Transition to MediData Rave2017-Mar-192.5 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 1
01: Welcome and State of the Network - Sharon Hillier and Jared Baeten2017-Mar-20418.34 KB
02: HOPE: Lessons to Date - Nyaradzo Mgodi and Thesla Palanee2017-Mar-2043.83 KB
03: Counseling for Choice - Ivan Balan2017-Mar-20320.79 KB
04: Dapivirine Ring Development - Zeda Rosenberg2017-Mar-201.65 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 2
01: PK/PD: Gut vs Genital Tract - Mackenzie Leigh Cottrell2017-Mar-201.74 MB
02: Microbiome Effects on HIV Risk & Inflammation - Douglas Kwon2017-Mar-202.99 MB
03: Behaviors Associated with Change in the Microbiome - Jeanne Marrazzo2017-Mar-205.62 MB
04: What Do We Know About Routes of HIV Exposure in African Women - Elizabeth Brown2017-Mar-2043.83 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 3
01: The HIV Epidemic in Young Women - Heather Watts2017-Mar-211.9 MB
02: The REACH Study - Rings and PrEP in Young Women - Lulu Nair2017-Mar-212.02 MB
03: REACH Stakeholders Consultations: Giving Voice to Young Women - Mitchell Warren on behalf of Manju Chatani-Gada2017-Mar-212.76 MB
04: Consumer Preference for Prevention Products - Jeffrey Lucas2017-Mar-215.99 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 4
01: The Critical Need for Data in Pregnancy and Lactating Women - Lynne Mofenson2017-Mar-212.8 MB
02: Barriers and Facilitators of Rectal Microbicide Use - Rebecca Giguere2017-Mar-21352.54 KB
03: Addressing the Gaps Between Products and People at Risk - Albert Liu2017-Mar-213.19 MB