Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-016 Presentations

MTN 2013 Regional Meeting
01. Abdominal Examination in Pregnancy2013-Oct-291.02 MB
02. Tips for medical history taking during pregnancy with a focus on genetic history taking2013-Oct-29622.96 KB
03. Requesting, Interpreting, and Recording Findings From Ultrasound Reports and Determining EDD2013-Oct-29366.77 KB
04. Recognizing and Recording Study Outcomes From Outside Medical Records2013-Oct-29122.51 KB
05. Using Infant Growth Charts in MTN-0162013-Oct-29108.61 KB
05a. Growth Chart Scenarios2013-Oct-29253.33 KB
06. Infant Exam in MTN-0162013-Oct-29229.69 KB
07. Infant Heel Sticks2013-Oct-29421.79 KB
08. Photographing Infants with Suspected Major Malformations2013-Oct-29995.59 KB
MTN-016: EMBRACE Regional Meeting 20132013-Oct-29207.35 KB
MTN 2014 Annual Meeting
Capturing primary endpoints under MTN-016 Version 2.02014-Feb-24849.42 KB
MTN-016: EMBRACE Annual Meeting 20142014-Feb-24138.1 KB
MTN 2014 Regional Meeting
01: FHI 360 – Implementation and Accrual Update2014-Oct-26522.99 KB
02: Kabwigu - Baseline Characteristics of Enrollees from the VOICE Study and Reasons for Non-enrollment into MTN-0162014-Oct-26185.31 KB
03: Noguchi - Obstetric and Infant Outcomes Following Maternal Third Trimester Exposure to Tenofovir 1% Vaginal Gel2014-Oct-26293.05 KB
04: Bunge - MTN 016 Concept2014-Oct-2631.41 KB
MTN 2015 Annual Meeting
MTN-016 Update2015-Mar-17384.75 KB
MTN 2015 Regional Meeting
MTN-016 Regional Meeting 20152015-Oct-06492.14 KB
Study Specific Training
01: Overview2010-Oct-19151.31 KB
02: Informed Consent-Woman-Infant2009-Oct-19368.13 KB
03: All Study Procedures-Woman2010-Oct-19874.07 KB
04: SCHARP Data Management and Reports2010-Oct-19306.95 KB
05: SCHARP Woman Visit Scheduling and Coding2010-Oct-19637.6 KB
06: Safety Monitoring and Reporting2010-Oct-19163.78 KB
07: Ultrasound2010-Oct-19492.25 KB
08: All Study Procedures - Infant2010-Oct-19508.34 KB
09: Major Malformations - Infant2010-Oct-19812.1 KB
10: SCHARP Infant Visit Scheduling and Coding2010-Oct-19323.96 KB
11: Infant HIV Testing2010-Oct-19248.52 KB
12: Source Documentation2010-Oct-19129.39 KB
13: SCHARP Specimen Labeling2010-Oct-19552.63 KB
14: Supplement - CRF Tracking2010-Oct-19552.53 KB
15: Supplement - General Interviewing2010-Oct-191.2 MB