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MTN-009 Presentations

Training Presentations
01: Purpose of Training2010-May-0667.43 KB
02: Protocol Overview2010-May-0671.67 KB
03: Protocol Activity2010-May-0681.22 KB
04: Day 1 Role Play2010-May-0623.83 KB
05: Screening and Enrollment Procedures Activity2010-May-0628.32 KB
06: Follow-up Visit Procedures2010-May-064.03 MB
07: Social Harms2010-May-0676.96 KB
08: Drug Resistance Reports2010-May-06474.29 KB
09: HIV Rapid Test Counseling2010-May-06220.28 KB
10: CD4 Positive T Cell Counts2010-May-06220 KB
11: Viral Load2010-May-06421.09 KB
12: Drug Resistance2010-May-06601.88 KB
13: Laboratory Logistics2010-May-06808.73 KB