Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-003C Study Implementation Materials

Guides and CRFs
Demographic CRF (English)2010-May-24117.77 KB
Demographic CRF (Sesotho Translation)2011-Apr-1534.55 KB
Demographic CRF (Zulu Translation)2011-Apr-1537.61 KB
EI Guide V1.22011-Apr-0757.64 KB
ESF_G12010-May-24146.27 KB
ESF_G22010-Jun-03140.01 KB
ESF_G32010-Jun-15130 KB
ESF_G42010-Jun-15129.91 KB
FGD Guide G1 v1.22011-Nov-09204.35 KB
FGD Guide G2 v1.22011-Nov-09125.61 KB
FGD Guide G3/4 v1.22011-May-0383.23 KB
IDI Guide G1 v1.22011-May-03120.97 KB
IDI Guide G2 v1.22011-Apr-0798.57 KB
Post DSMB Supplemental Probing Guide, v1.02011-Nov-09294.17 KB
Social Harms CRF2010-May-27123.92 KB
Termination Form2010-May-24161.93 KB
Operational Reminders
Operational Reminder CAB Pseudonyms2010-Sep-2234.65 KB
Data Management Manual2011-Nov-17333.06 KB
Field Notes Report Form2010-Jun-1722.18 KB
Household Table for EI2010-May-1415.78 KB
Non-CRF Logs and Forms2010-May-02163.73 KB
Sample Informed Cover Sheet2009-May-0645.42 KB
Verbal Consent Checklist2010-Jun-2822.4 KB
Version Control Document - Guides/CRFs/Databases2010-Oct-1790.5 KB