Microbicide Trials Network

Manual of Operational Procedures

I. Study Implementation Materials
NIH HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks SOP for Online FD Reporting2015-Aug-12466.88 KB
II. All Sections Combined
MTN MOP 20152015-Jul-152.27 MB
III. Individual Sections
Title Page2015-May-3137.45 KB
Section 1 Overview2015-May-31130 KB
Section 2 MTN Executive Committee2015-May-3150.91 KB
Section 3 MTN Operational Components2015-May-31159.89 KB
Section 4 MTN Committees, Working Groups and Protocol Teams2015-May-31203.85 KB
Section 5 Funding Procedures2015-May-31101.07 KB
Section 6 Publication Policy2015-May-31218.24 KB
Section 7 Community Engagement in the MTN2015-May-31120.04 KB
Section 8 Internal Communications, Network Meetings, and Travel Guidelines and Procedures2015-May-3181.51 KB
Section 9 Data Access, Public Release and Communication2015-May-31210.5 KB
Section 10 Human Subjects Consideration2015-May-31129.7 KB
Section 11 Protocol Development2015-May-31162.69 KB
Section 12 Pre-Implementation, Site-Specific Activation, and Study Initiation2015-Jul-15157.55 KB
Section 13 Training2015-May-3198.07 KB
Section 14 Study Implementation2015-May-31129.41 KB
Section 15 Laboratory Issues2015-May-31131.05 KB
Section 16 Safety Considerations2015-May-3157.28 KB
Section 17 Study Oversight2015-May-3191.05 KB
Section 18 Monitoring2015-May-3154.51 KB
Section 19 Ancillary Study Proposals, Secondary Data Analysis Requests and Requests for Datasets2015-May-31148.94 KB
Section 20 Study Close-Out2015-May-3176.36 KB
Appendix I Through V2015-May-31435.48 KB