Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-004 Study Specific Procedures (SSP)

Complete Manual
MTN-004 SSP - All Sections2009-Sep-1011.3 MB
Individual Sections
Overview of Sections2009-Sep-1078.15 KB
Table of Contents2008-Aug-0540.95 KB
Section 01 Introduction2009-Jun-0249.89 KB
Section 02 Protocol2009-Jun-022.14 MB
Section 03 Documentation Requirements2009-Jun-02237.97 KB
Section 04 Participant Accrual2009-Jun-021.07 MB
Section 05 Informed Consent2009-Jun-02149.61 KB
Section 06 Participant Follow-Up2009-Jun-2873.68 KB
Section 07 Visit Checklists2009-Jul-29248.07 KB
Section 08 Participant Retention2008-Aug-05105.03 KB
Section 09 Study Product Considerations for Non-Pharmacy Staff2008-Oct-14931.2 KB
Section 10: Clinical Considerations2009-Jun-02294.09 KB
Section 11 Adverse Event Reporting and Safety Monitoring2009-Sep-10891.81 KB
Section 12 Laboratory Considerations2009-Jun-28194.58 KB
Section 13 Behavioral Measures2009-Jun-12694.76 KB
Section 14 Data Collection2009-Jun-021.52 MB
Section 15 Data Communiques2008-Jul-2414.25 KB
Section 15: Data Communique #12008-Jul-3027.62 KB
Section 15: Data Communique #22008-Nov-1223.97 KB
Section 15: Data Communique #32009-Jul-2723.44 KB
Section 16 Study Reporting Plan2009-Jun-0224.94 KB