Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-009 Study Specific Procedures (SSPs)

Individual Sections
Overview and Version Control2010-Aug-1814.36 KB
Table of Contents2010-Aug-1217.26 KB
Section 01: Introduction2010-Aug-1220.55 KB
Section 02: Protocol2010-Aug-12408.27 KB
Section 03: Documentation Requirements2010-Aug-1260 KB
Section 04: Participant Accrual2010-Aug-12156.35 KB
Section 05: Participant Follow-up2010-Aug-1229.45 KB
Section 06: Counseling Considerations2010-Aug-12315.18 KB
Section 07: Visit Checklists2010-Aug-1234.01 KB
Section 08: Laboratory Considerations2010-Aug-18372.81 KB
Section 09: Data Collection2010-Aug-12357.55 KB
Section 10: Data Communiques2010-Aug-1210.22 KB
Section 11: Study Reporting Plan2010-Aug-1228.75 KB
Section 12: ACASI User's Manual2010-Aug-121.18 MB