Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-005 Training Materials

MTN-005 Study Specific Training
ACASI Training - University of Alabama at Birmingham2011-Apr-05308.34 KB
ACASI Training Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center2011-Mar-23308.33 KB
Adverse Event Monitoring and Reporting2011-Mar-22181.16 KB
Counseling Considerations2011-Feb-26161.14 KB
Laboratory Training2011-Apr-273.98 MB
Participant Accrual Plans2011-Apr-27330.36 KB
Participant Retention2011-Apr-2756.37 KB
Pelvic Exams and Evaluations2011-Apr-27774.69 KB
Ring Use Assessment and Counseling2011-May-0553.31 KB
Social Harms2011-Apr-2774.85 KB
Study Design and Procedures2011-Mar-08193.98 KB
Study Product Considerations2011-Feb-24796.42 KB
Visit Procedures & Form Completion2011-Apr-27617.4 KB