Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-015 Study-Specific Procedures Manual

I. MTN-015 Study-Specific Procedures Manual v2.0
MTN-015 CRFs2014-Jan-27757.84 KB
SSP Overview of Section Contents and Identification of Current Section Versions2013-Aug-16136.09 KB
Section 01: Introduction2013-Aug-1562.24 KB
Section 02: Protocol2013-Aug-1536.33 KB
Section 03: Documentation Requirements2013-Aug-15378.84 KB
Section 04: Participant Accrual2013-Aug-15262.05 KB
Section 05: Participant Follow-up2013-Aug-15229.21 KB
Section 06: Visit Checklists2013-Aug-15114.96 KB
Section 07: Co-Enrollment Considerations2013-Aug-15179.99 KB
Section 08: Clinical Considerations2013-Aug-15349.92 KB
Section 09: Counseling Considerations2013-Aug-15216.03 KB
Section 10: Laboratory Considerations2013-Aug-15416.76 KB
Section 11: Safety Monitoring and Reporting2013-Aug-15128.28 KB
Section 12: Data Collection2013-Aug-15517.92 KB
Section 13: Data Communiques2013-Aug-15122.72 KB
Section 13: Data Communiques #72013-Aug-19125.01 KB
Section 13: Data Communiques #82014-Jan-1422.92 KB
Section 13: Data Communiques #92014-Jan-2420.06 KB
Section 14: Study Reporting Plan2013-Aug-15145.53 KB
Section 15: ACASI User Manual2013-Aug-151.89 MB