Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-016 Training Materials

MTN-016 Protocol v2.0 Training
01: Training Overview2014-Nov-2610.06 MB
02: Screening and Enrollment: Women2014-Nov-2622.04 MB
03: Woman Follow-Up Procedures2014-Nov-2627.34 MB
04: Safety Monitoring and Reporting2014-Dec-1210.23 MB
05: Ultrasound in MTN-0162014-Dec-1243.46 MB
06: Infant Visits2014-Nov-2629.06 MB
07: Evaluation of Potential Major Malformations2014-Dec-1242.9 MB
08: Infant HIV Testing2014-Dec-1214.99 MB
09: Source Documentation, Resources, Additional Tips, and Reporting2014-Nov-268.21 MB