Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-027 Study Specific Procedures (SSP) Manual

Final Case Report Forms
MTN-027 Final Case Report Forms2015-May-13468.76 KB
Individual Sections
Overview of Section Contents2015-Nov-04129.89 KB
Section 01: Introduction2015-May-15222.86 KB
Section 02: Documentation Requirements2015-Sep-15322.3 KB
Section 03: Accrual and Retention2015-May-15318.64 KB
Section 04: Study Procedures2015-May-15372.31 KB
Section 05: Informed Consent2015-May-15349.08 KB
Section 06: Web Randomization2015-Nov-04753.89 KB
Section 07: Study Product Considerations for Non-Pharmacy Staff2015-May-15525.87 KB
Section 08: Clinical Considerations and Safety Monitoring2015-Sep-15671.29 KB
Section 09: Laboratory Considerations2015-Sep-151011.63 KB
Section 10: Counseling Considerations2015-May-15265.62 KB
Section 11: Behavioral Measures2015-Sep-23422.4 KB
Section 12: Data Collection 2015-May-15888.3 KB
Section 13: Data Communiqués2015-May-1598.56 KB
Section 13: Data Communiqué #1 2015-Jun-15134.88 KB
Section 13: Data Communiqué #22015-Sep-15135.58 KB
Section 14: Study Reporting Plan2015-Nov-04277.18 KB