Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-032 Study Implementation Materials

i. Phase 2 Case Report Forms
Protocol Deviation Report V2.02017-Dec-21102 KB
Social Harms Report V2.02017-Dec-2199.5 KB
i. Phase 2 IC Support
Phase 2 Enrollment Informed Consent Comprehension Checklist - Female Participants2017-Oct-1729.71 KB
Phase 2 Enrollment Informed Consent Comprehension Checklist - Male Partner2017-Oct-1732.54 KB
Phase 2 Sample Informed Consent Coversheet 2017-Oct-1829.25 KB
i. Phase 2 Interview Guides and Checklists
Phase 2 Female In-depth Interview (IDI) Topic Guide2017-Oct-1251.94 KB
Phase 2 FGD Group Checklist V1.02017-Dec-2127.64 KB
Phase 2 FGD MP Individual Checklist V1.02017-Dec-2132.42 KB
Phase 2 IDI Visit Checklist V1.02017-Dec-2134.39 KB
Phase 2 Male Partner Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Topic Guide2017-Oct-1233.59 KB
Phase 2 Male Partner In-Depth Interview (IDI) Topic Guide2017-Oct-1233.72 KB
Phase 2 Screening & Recruitment Checklist V1.02017-Dec-2137 KB
i. Phase 2 Other Materials
Phase 2 RD Feedback Over Time Supplement V1.02017-Dec-21176.63 KB
Phase 2 Sample S&E Log: Female V1.02017-Dec-2128.17 KB
Phase 2 Sample S&E Log: Male V1.02017-Dec-2125.45 KB
i. Phase 2 SOP Templates
Participant Accrual and Eligibility Determination V1.02017-Dec-2141.27 KB
Participant Confidentiality V2.02017-Dec-2134.55 KB
ii. Phase 1 Case Report Forms
Behavior Assessment (BA)2016-Feb-0157.39 KB
Demographic Information Form (DEM)2016-Feb-0145.57 KB
Participant Status Form Phase 12016-Aug-05113.79 KB
ii. Phase 1 IC Support
Enrollment Informed Consent Comprehension Checklist2015-Sep-2528.8 KB
Informed Consent Coversheet2016-Jan-1228.75 KB
ii. Phase 1 Interview Guides and Checklists
FGD Group Visit Checklist2016-Mar-2826.51 KB
FGD Individual Participant Visit Checklist2016-Mar-2828.82 KB
Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Topic Guide2016-Feb-28126 KB
IDI Visit Checklist2016-Mar-2829.89 KB
In-depth Interview (IDI) Topic Guide2016-Feb-28134.5 KB
Screening/Recruitment Checklist2016-Jan-1238.68 KB
ii. Phase 1 Other Materials
Adherence Trajectory Tool2016-Feb-1953.13 KB
Adherence Trajectory Tool (Breakout)2016-Mar-0351.52 KB
FGD Debriefing Report2016-Mar-3122.46 KB
IDI Debriefing Report2016-Mar-3122.63 KB
Individual Drug Level Results Visual Tool2016-Mar-31538.88 KB
Individual FGD Debriefing Report2016-Jun-0820.84 KB
Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention2011-Nov-14280.21 KB
Sample Screening and Enrollment Log2016-Feb-1724.21 KB
Screening and Accrual Tracker2016-Jul-0724.24 KB
ii. Phase 1 SOP Templates
Data Management SOP Template2016-Apr-01120 KB
Participant Accrual and Eligibility Determination2016-Feb-1739.47 KB
ii. Phase 1 Training
Study Specific Training Video2016-Mar-2250.29 MB
Study-Specific Training2016-Mar-221.8 MB
Operational Guidance
Operational Guidance #1: Individual Drug Level Results Visual Tool2016-May-2084.76 KB
Operational Guidance #2: Recruitment Lists and Prioritization of Accrual Targets2016-May-2645.87 KB