Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-032 Study Specific Procedures (SSP) Manual

Individual Sections
Overview of Section Contents and Identification of Current Section Versions2017-Dec-2159.71 KB
Section 01: Introduction2017-Dec-21307.29 KB
Section 02: Documentation Requirements2017-Dec-21563.69 KB
Section 03: Accrual and Eligibility Determination2017-Dec-21434.2 KB
Section 04: Informed Consent2017-Dec-21538.68 KB
Section 05: Study Procedures2017-Dec-21389.24 KB
Section 06: Safety and Counseling Considerations2017-Dec-21291.05 KB
Section 07: Data Collection2016-Apr-29508.65 KB
Section 08: Data Communiques2017-Dec-21266.48 KB
Section 08: Data Communique #12016-Apr-2976.88 KB
Section 08: Data Communique #22016-Jul-0898.09 KB
Training Slides
MTN-032 V2.0 SSP Updates2017-Dec-21243.75 KB