Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-025 Training

Other Training
HOPE IoR Training2016-Jul-2013.46 KB
Study Specific Training
MTN-025 Full Training Agenda with Links to Recorded Sessions2016-Oct-10105.69 KB
Study Specific Training Phase 1 - PowerPoints
01: Protocol Summary2016-Jul-181.69 MB
02: Participant Accrual2016-Jul-18779.5 KB
03: Prescreening2016-Jul-1810.59 MB
04: Decliner Population Procedures2016-Jul-181.81 MB
05: Overview of Screening Visit Procedures, PTID Assignment, Screening & Enrolment Logs, and Screen Failures2016-Aug-243.22 MB
06: Informed Consent2016-Jul-182.6 MB
07: Laboratory: HIV Testing2016-Jul-184.04 MB
08: HIV Counseling2016-Jul-18855 KB
09: Laboratory Training2016-Jul-18624.5 KB
10: Dapivirine Safety2016-Jul-1881.21 KB
11: Overview of Key Clinical Considerations2016-Jul-18609.66 KB
12: Data Management Training: Screening Visit2016-Aug-1780.58 MB
13: Overview of Enrollment Procedures2016-Jul-183.51 MB
14: Study Prpduct Training2016-Jul-181.86 MB
15: Data Management Training: Enrollment Visit2016-Aug-1735.22 MB
16: Behavioral Assessment Training: Baseline Behavior Assessment, Demographics, Baseline Vaginal Practices2016-Jul-18204.74 KB
17: Protocol Deviations2016-Jul-18370.83 KB
Study Specific Training Phase 2 - PowerPoints
01: Follow-up Visits2016-Aug-182.28 MB
02: Follow-up Medical History and Clinical Considerations2016-Aug-18683.91 KB
03: Protocol Requirements for Product Holds/Discontinuations2016-Aug-18212.21 KB
04: Off-Site Visit Procedures and Documentation Considerations2016-Aug-182.68 MB
05: Participant Retention2016-Aug-182.1 MB
06: Participant Tracking Database2016-Aug-18869.89 KB
07: Study Product Considerations2016-Aug-18534.53 KB
08: Laboratory Training Part 2: Hair Collection2016-Aug-184.91 MB
09: Overview of Visit Scheduling and Types of Follow-up Visits SCHARP2016-Aug-18638 KB
10: Management of Seroconverters2016-Aug-1810.1 MB
11: Management of Pregnancies2016-Aug-181.34 MB
12: Follow-Up Behavioral Assessment Training2016-Aug-18417.14 KB
13: Follow-up Case Report Forms2016-Aug-181.46 MB
Study Specific Training Phase 2 - SCHARP Recorded Sessions
06: HOPE Participant Tracking Database2016-Aug-1112.87 MB
09: HOPE Visit Scheduling and Missed Split Visits2016-Aug-1126.91 MB