Microbicide Trials Network

MTN-036/IPM 047 Training

Other Training Resources
01: Counseling Considerations - Site Reference2017-Sep-11870.44 KB
02: AE and Safety Overview – Site Reference2017-Sep-13644.59 KB
Study Specific Training
Agenda2017-Sep-01606.77 KB
Study Specific Training Presentations
01: Protocol Overview2017-Sep-11728.83 KB
02: Screening and Enrollment Considerations2017-Sep-131023.55 KB
03: Screening and Enrollment Forms2017-Sep-13415.75 KB
04: Follow-up Visit Considerations2017-Sep-13198.48 KB
05: Follow-up Visit CRFs and Tools2017-Sep-13720.4 KB
06: Study Product Considerations2017-Sep-13820.37 KB
07: Clinical Management Considerations2017-Sep-11580.54 KB
08: Laboratory Considerations2017-Sep-131.29 MB
09: Behavioral Assessment Overview2017-Sep-13388.22 KB
10: Medidata RAVE Considerations2017-Sep-132.72 MB
11: Clinical Management and Laboratory-Related CRFs2017-Sep-13830.86 KB