Microbicide Trials Network

Email groups

Please contact Daria Smolinski with additions or revisions to the MTN email lists.

CHARISMA (HOPE Sub-study) Management Team (members)
MTN Community Resource Working Group (members)
MTN Community Working Group (members)
MTN Community Program Managers (members)
HPTN 035
HPTN 035 Protocol Chairs (members)
HPTN 035 Publications Executive Committee (members)
Laboratory Center
MTN Flow Cytometry Lab (members)
MTN McGowan Lab Personnel (members)
MTN Network Lab (members)
MTN Network Lab Calls (members)
MTN Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Shipments (members)
MTN Virology Group (members)
Leadership and Operations Center
MTN-FHI Safety Distribution List (members)
MTN Administrative Manager (members)
MTN Behavioral Research Working Group (members)
MTN Biomedical Science Working Group (members)
MTN Contraceptive Action Team (members)
MTN Contraceptive Action Team Steering Committee (members)
MTN LOC Pittsburgh Staff (members)
MTN CRS Leaders (members)
MTN CTU PIs (members)
MTN Executive Committee (members)
MTN Executive Committee Plus (members)
MTN Financial Disclosure Administration (members)
MTN Internal Network Calls (members)
MTN in the News (members)
MTN IRB Renewal Reminder Notifications (members)
MTN Leadership (members)
MTN Mop Task Force Team (members)
MTN Network Evaluation Committee (members)
MTN Protocol Fund Review Committee (members)
MTN Pharmacists (members)
MTN Protocol Update (members)
MTN Protocol Registration (members)
MTN Publications Support Team (members)
MTN Regulatory Personnel (members)
MTN Resistance Queries (members)
MTN Site Regulatory (members)
MTN Site Suspension (members)
MTN Study Operations Group (members)
MTN Survey for NEC (members)
MTN Web Team (members)
Tenofovir Development Team (members)
MTN-001 Community Working Group (members)
MTN-001 Study Management Team (members)
MTN-001 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-001 Pub Committee (members)
MTN-002 Management (members)
MTN-002 Protocol Team (members)
VOICE and ASPIRE CWG Writing Team (members)
MTN-003 Community Working Group (members)
MTN-003 Investigators (members)
MTN-003 Investigator Calls (members)
MTN-003 Study Management Team (members)
MTN-003 Pharmacists (members)
MTN-003 Publication Calls (members)
MTN-003 Publication Committee (members)
MTN-003-P01 (Wisebag) Management Team (members)
MTN-003-P01 (Wisebag) Protocol Team (members)
MTN-003-P01 (Wisebag) Publication Committee (members)
MTN-003-P01 (Wisebag) Site Operations (members)
MTN-003B Study Management Team (members)
MTN-003B Protocol Team (members)
MTN-003C Protocol Team (members)
MTN-003C Publications Committee (members)
MTN-003C Site Operations (members)
MTN-003D Ops (members)
MTN-003D Protocol Team Calls List (members)
MTN-003D Publication Calls (members)
MTN-003D Publication Committee (members)
MTN-003D Technical Team (members)
MTN-004 Study Management Team (members)
MTN-004 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-004 Publication Committee (members)
MTN-005 Behavioral Team (members)
MTN-005 Bronx-Lebanon Site Team (members)
MTN-005 Study Management Team (members)
MTN-005 NARI Team (members)
MTN-005 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-005 University of Alabama at Birmingham Site Team (members)
MTN-007 Community Working Group (members)
MTN-007 Management Team (members)
MTN-007 Protocol team (members)
MTN-007 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-008 CASI Instrument Troubleshooting (members)
MTN-008 Management Team (members)
MTN-008 Protocol Deviations (members)
MTN-008 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-008 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-008 Safety MDs (members)
MTN-009 Management (members)
MTN-009 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-009 Publication Committee (members)
MTN-011 CASI (members)
MTN-011 Management Team (members)
MTN-011 Protocol Deviations (members)
MTN-011 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-011 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-011 Safety MDs (members)
MTN-012/IPM 010
MTN-012/IPM 010 Management (members)
MTN-012/IPM 010 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-013/IPM 026
MTN-013/IPM 026 Management Team (members)
MTN-013/IPM 026 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-013/IPM 026 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-014 Management Team (members)
MTN-014 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-014 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-014 Safety Physicians (members)
MTN-015 ACASI Support (members)
MTN-015 Clinical Management Team (members)
MTN-015 Investigators of Record (members)
MTN-015 Management (members)
MTN-015 Protocol Deviations (members)
MTN-015 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-015 Publications Email List (members)
MTN-016 Management Group Team (members)
MTN-016 Protocol Deviations (members)
MTN-016 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-016 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-016 Site Team (members)
MTN-017 Adherence Working Group (members)
MTN-017 Behavior Team (members)
MTN-017 Community Working Group (members)
MTN-017 Site Investigators (members)
MTN-017 Site Lab Personnel (members)
MTN-017 Management Team (members)
MTN-017 Pharmacists (members)
MTN-017 PK Testing (members)
MTN-017 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-017 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-017 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-017 Site Regulatory Personnel (members)
MTN-017 Safety MDs (members)
MTN-017 Study Coordinators (members)
MTN-017 SMS Troubleshooting (members)
MTN-017 CASI Troubleshooting (members)
MTN-020 ACASI Support (members)
MTN-020 Adherence Working Group (members)
MTN-020 Site Clinicians (members)
MTN-020 Study Counselors (members)
MTN-020 Community Working Group (members)
MTN-020 Accrual, Retention, and Outreach Team (members)
MTN-020 Investigators of Record (members)
MTN-020 Laboratory (members)
MTN-020 Study Management Team (members)
MTN-020 MRC Site Clinicians (members)
MTN-020 Pharmacists (members)
MTN-020 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-020 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-020 Publication Calls (members)
MTN-020 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-020 QA/QC Team (members)
MTN-020 Qualitative Management Team (members)
MTN-020 Qualitative Group (members)
MTN-020 Qualitative Pub Committee (members)
MTN-020 Regulatory (members)
MTN-020 Safety MDs (members)
MTN-020 South African Regulatory (members)
MTN-020 Study Coordinators (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030
MTN-023/IPM 030 ACASI Support (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030 Behavioral Team (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030 Management Team (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030 Pharmacists (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030 Recruitment (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030 Safety Physicians (members)
MTN-023/IPM 030 SCHARP Data Summary Report (members)
MTN-024/IPM 031
MTN-024/IPM 031 CASI Troubleshooting (members)
MTN-024/IPM 031 Study Management Team (members)
MTN-024/IPM 031 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-024/IPM 031 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-024/IPM 031 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-024/IPM 031 Qualitative Management Team (members)
MTN-024/IPM 031 IDI Troubleshooting (members)
MTN-024/IPM 031 Safety MD (members)
MTN-025 ACASI Team (members)
MTN-025 Adherence Working Group (members)
MTN-025 Community Working Group (members)
MTN-025 Visit Efficiency Working Group (members)
MTN-025 Investigators of Record (members)
MTN-025 Management Team (members)
MTN-025 Pharmacists (members)
MTN-025 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-025 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-025 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-025 Qualitative Management Team (members)
MTN-025 Qualitative Team (members)
MTN-025 Safety MDs (members)
MTN-025 South Africa Regulatory (members)
MTN-025 Study Coordinators (members)
MTN-025 SCHARP Data Summary Report (members)
MTN-026 CASI Troubleshooting Team (members)
MTN-026 IDI Troubleshooting Team (members)
MTN-026 Leadership (members)
MTN-026 Management Team (members)
MTN-026 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-026 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-026 Safety MD (members)
MTN-026 SCHARP Data Summary Report (members)
MTN-027 CASI Troubleshooting Team (members)
MTN-027 IDI Troubleshooting Team (members)
MTN-027 Management (members)
MTN-027 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-027 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-027 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-027 Safety MD (members)
MTN-027 SCHARP Data Summary Report (members)
MTN-028 Management Team (members)
MTN-028 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-028 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-028 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-028 Safety MD (members)
MTN-028 SCHARP Data Summary Report (members)
MTN-029/IPM 039
MTN-029/IPM 039 Management Team (members)
MTN-029/IPM 039 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-029/IPM 039 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-029/IPM 039 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-029/IPM 039 Safety MDs (members)
MTN-029/IPM 039 SCHARP Data Summary Report (members)
MTN-030/IPM 041
MTN-030/IPM 041 Study Management Team (members)
MTN-030/IPM 041 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-030/IPM 041 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-030/IPM 041 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-030/IPM 041 Safety MD (members)
MTN-030/IPM 041 SCHARP Data Summary Report (members)
MTN-031/IPM 043
MTN-031/IPM 043 Protocol Development List (members)
MTN-032 Management Team (members)
MTN-032 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-032 Publications Committee (members)
MTN-033 CASI Troubleshooting (members)
MTN-033 IDI Troubleshooting Team (members)
MTN-033 Management (members)
MTN-033 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-033 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-033 Safety MD (members)
MTN-033 SCHARP Data Summary Report (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045
MTN-034/IPM 045 ACASI Team (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Behavioral Research Working Group (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Counselors (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Community Working Group (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Investigators of Record (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Study Leadership (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Management Team (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Management Calls (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Pharmacists (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Qualitative Management Team (members)
MTN-034/IPM 045 Study Coordinators (members)
MTN-035 Protocol Development List (members)
MTN-036/IPM 047
MTN-036/IPM 047 CASI Troubleshooting Team (members)
MTN-036/IPM 047 IDI Troubleshooting Team (members)
MTN-036/IPM 047 Management Team (members)
MTN-036/IPM 047 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-036/IPM 047 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-036/IPM 047 Safety MDs (members)
MTN-037 Management Team (members)
MTN-037 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-037 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-037 Safety MDs (members)
MTN-038 Management Team (members)
MTN-038 Protocol Development List (members)
MTN-038 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-038 Protocol Safety Review Team (members)
MTN-038 Safety MDs (members)
MTN-039 Protocol Development List (members)
MTN-041 Community Working Group (members)
MTN-041 Management Team (members)
MTN-041 Protocol Team (members)
MTN-041 Site Teams (members)
MTN-044 Protocol Development List (members)