Meals and Per Diem

Travelers will be reimbursed for meals and incidental expenses at rates calculated in accordance with U.S. General Services Administration guidelines for the specific city or cities where MTN-related business is taking place.

The domestic, foreign lodging and meal allowance schedules can be found by following the below links. Travelers should check these to determine the per diem amount they will receive in each city they are traveling to for MTN-related business.

Domestic Per Diem Schedule:

Contains 48 contiguous States and District of Columbia. Click on the state that you will be traveling to, and then look for the city (or county if the city is not listed) to find the maximum incidental and expenses rate listed in the fourth column. To calculate how much the per diem and incidentals rate breaks down to for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, visit

International Travel:

Contains foreign locations and non-foreign overseas areas including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. possessions. Click on the drop-down menu and find the country to which you will be traveling in, and then look for the city you will be visiting.

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