Community Working Group (CWG)

As a collective, the Community Working Group (CWG) works to ensure that the principles of community participation are the underpinning of all Clinical Research Site (CRS) community engagement activities and to facilitate community participation throughout the research process, from concept development to results dissemination and post-trial access.


Specifically, the CWG seeks to enable researchers to better understand the social context of research participants' lives; develop the capacity of community members to better understand the research process so that more meaningful participation and engagement can occur; and ensure that all research conducted within the MTN is done in collaboration with communities and integrates community members' perspectives.


Membership of the CWG includes two CWG Co-Chairs, who serve on the MTN Executive Committee (EC); a Community Advisory Board (CAB) member and Community Educator from each MTN CRS; and a representative in the field of ethics. In addition, nonvoting members include advocacy representatives, a representative from the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Division of AIDS (DAIDS) and Community Engagement Program staff from the Leadership and Operations Center (LOC).


A Community Resources Working Committee (CRWG) provides guidance and support to the MTN CWG and advises MTN Leadership on matters concerning community engagement in all aspects of the MTN research agenda. The MTN CRWG serves as a conduit of information between the MTN CWG, MTN leadership, and other MTN working groups.


Membership of the CRWG includes the CWG Co-Chairs, the CWG representative who serves on the Network Evaluation Committee (NEC), the CWG ethics representative, CWG members representing the MTN on Community Partners and at-large members representing CRS CABs. In addition, nonvoting members of the CRWG include LOC Community Program Staff; a representative from the LOC Communications and External Relations team, a general LOC representative, the CWG DAIDS representative and, as needed, liaisons from the MTN Biomedical Science and Behavioral Research working groups.


Contact CWG Co-Chair Milly Katana

Contact CWG Co-Chair Matthew Rose


More information about the CWG and community engagement in the MTN can be found in the MTN Manual of Operational Procedures, Section 4, Microbicide Trials Network Committees, Working Groups, and Protocol Teams, and Section 7, Community Engagement.

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