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The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on most everyone around the world.  And though COVID-19 will be with us in the months ahead, our efforts to stop the spread of HIV must continue. On May 14, MTN leadership made the decision to lift the blanket pause in study enrollment across our trials, which was instituted on March 18. The decision regarding when study enrollment can begin at individual sites will be governed by the management team for each study, and in concert with local and regional guidelines and stay-at-home orders. The MTN looks forward to completing our studies while honoring the continued commitment to the safety of our global network of participants and study teams.

For general resources on COVID-19:

For resources on COVID-19 and HIV:

Please see urgent documents listed below regarding the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on MTN studies.

Reopening of MTN studies to accrual (Download) 2020-05-1448.8 KB
Communication from Sharon Hillier and Jared Baeten (Download) 2020-03-1889.88 KB
Impact on MTN Studies (Download) 2020-03-18156.63 KB
Guidance from DAIDS (Download) 2020-03-13105.98 KB