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May 13-14, 2014 in Arlington, VA

ARCH: Consumer Preferences in the MSM Community (Download) 2014-05-13352.49 KB
CARBALLO-DIEGUEZ: RM: From Acceptance to Desire (Download) 2014-05-131.87 MB
FABRIZI: Built to Love, Creating Desire for New Products (Download) 2014-05-1370.17 MB
GALEA: Role of Conjoint Analysis in Microbicide Development (Download) 2014-05-141.41 MB
LABBETT: Recruitment Strategies for Microbicide Trials (Download) 2014-05-131.06 MB
LIN: Approaches to Understanding the End User for Microbicide Introduction (Download) 2014-05-13260.72 KB
LINNEMAYR: Insights from Behavioral Economics for Improving Use of Rectal Microbicides (Download) 2014-05-14427.4 KB
MAYER: How will we market licensed products? (Download) 2014-05-142.16 MB
MCCORMACK: The PROUD Study Creating Desire for PrEP in the UK (Download) 2014-05-141.06 MB
MCGOWAN: Keep Calm and Mind the GAP (Download) 2014-05-14213.02 KB
MCGOWAN: Rectal Microbicides in 2014 (Download) 2014-05-131.74 MB
MONTANO: The Science of Evidence-Based Messages: Demand Creation for Male Circumcision Uptake (Download) 2014-05-143.69 MB
MORROW: Characterizing Product Properties: Perceptibility and Willingness (Download) 2014-05-141.07 MB
PICKETT: Community Engagement US Perspective (Download) 2014-05-138.17 MB
ROMANO: Getting Microbicides into the Market Place (Download) 2014-05-14255.77 KB
SALCEDO: What's the T? Understanding Trans People's Needs (Download) 2014-05-132.07 MB
SKOROCHOD: Case Study from South Africa: PSI's Path to Marketing Lube (Download) 2014-05-131.53 MB
VAN DER STRATEN: Understanding (non-) adherence: VOICE-C & -D Ancillary Studies (Download) 2014-05-13758.14 KB
WARREN: Rolling Out the Female Condom (Download) 2014-05-136.37 MB