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In some cases, the MTN will make all flight arrangements with ground transportation to and from your hotel for approved travelers.  In order for the MTN to book your reservations, the below Travel Profile Form needs to be filled out and submitted either by fax at +1-412-641-6170 or via email to

If you need to make or change flight arrangements yourself, Carlson Wagonlit Travel is the travel agency used by the MTN.  They can be reached by telephone at 1-800-899-9816 (while in the U.S.) or 001-800-899-9816 (outside of the U.S.) or via email at  For emergencies after normal business hours, Carlson Wagonlit’s 24 hour service number is 1-800-844-1323. Additionally, emergencies outside the U.S. can call collect at +1-314-513-0801.  Emergencies while in South Africa can call 09 800-225-54298.  Carlson Wagonlit’s normal business hours are from 8am until 5pm eastern time.

If Carlson Wagonlit emails an itinerary to your attention, it is important to know the difference between a confirmed flight versus a non-confirmed flight.  Confirmed flights will have eTicket Receipt(s) included on the itinerary.  Non-confirmed flights will not include eTicket Receipt(s).  Please see examples below for further detail.

Confirmed Flight Reservation (Download) 2010-12-0197.84 KB
Non-Confirmed Flight Reservation (Download) 2010-12-0165.65 KB
Travel Profile Form (Download) 2020-03-02361.12 KB