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Carlson Wagonlit is the preferred travel agency of MWRIF and should be used to arrange air travel, both domestic and international.  Please contact MTN Travel Management to send approvals to Carlson Wagonlit. Self-booking of travel through airline/travel websites is allowable as long as the airfare is equal to or less than our preferred travel agency; however, reimbursement for self-booked travel will occur only after the travel is complete.

  • Travelers purchasing their own airfare must follow MTN travel guidelines (see below) and seek the most reasonably priced fares. Extraordinarily high airfares and/or requests to waive MTN guidelines must be approved by MTN Travel Management before booking.
  • A copy of the travel itinerary, a receipt of purchase and boarding passes must be included with the MTN Travel Reimbursement Memo.

International Air Travel

  • First-class and business-class seats cannot be purchased; MTN Travel Management is authorized to approve coach non-refundable seats only. The MTN Leadership has chosen to follow federal guidelines irrespective of MWRIF policy. Thus all MTN travelers must follow this policy.
  • All flights must be on a US Carrier or Code Share Carrier. Exceptions per the “Fly America Act” can be found at with the enclosed Fly America Act document, but must still be pre-approved by the MTN Travel Management.
  • Requests to book refundable coach class tickets or travel on non-U.S. Code Share carriers will be considered on a on a case-by-case basis by MTN Travel Management and/or MTN Leadership. This policy can change at the discretion of MTN Leadership.

Domestic Air Travel

  • Domestic flights are to be purchased as non-refundable coach class under all circumstances.

Please note that any traveler wishing to make changes to his/her itinerary that would result in added fees and/or increased ticket costs must seek pre-approval by MTN Travel Management.  In situations of flight cancellations or delays affecting connections, MTN-supported travelers are advised to call Carlson Wagonlit at 1-800-899-9816 (Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m., ET) or 1-800- 844-1323 (after hours and weekends) and also to contact MTN Travel Management as soon as possible informing of the situation. If Carlson Wagonlit cannot be reached or is unable to provide assistance, or if you did not book your flight through Carlson, travelers should make necessary reasonable accommodations with the airline or the travel agency used to book the original ticket.  If changes are made that are non-emergent (i.e., for convenience purposes) and/or are not pre- approved, travelers risk not being reimbursed for any added expense that may be incurred.