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Unless told otherwise, travelers are responsible for paying for hotel and lodging and submitting necessary documentation to be reimbursed for the hotel cost plus tax per night. Lodging must be within the per diem set by the U.S. General Services Administration unless pre-approved by MTN. Exceptions are made under special circumstances (e.g., it’s a conference hotel, for safety reasons or because the overall cost would be lower due to transportation needs from the hotel to site/meeting). All exceptions must be pre-approved by the MTN in advance of travel and/or prior to expenses being incurred. Travelers will not be reimbursed for expenses that have not been pre-approved.

  • An itemized hotel bill must be submitted with the MTN Travel Reimbursement Memo in order to be reimbursed for lodging costs (room rate and taxes).
  • When rooms are prepaid by MTN, travelers will be responsible for any incidental charges they incur.  Travelers should have a credit card or other means of payment to cover these additional charges at checkout.
  • The MTN does not reimburse for room service (unless a detailed receipt is provided) movies or mini bar charges.
  • Changes to an existing reservation while in travel must be approved by MTN Travel Management, as additional expenses may occur. Any differences in cost will be the responsibility of the traveler if changes are made without prior approval.
  • No-show charges and cancellation fees will be at the traveler’s expense if it is determined that the traveler had reasonable time to cancel the reservation but failed to do so.