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Original receipts are required for all non-meal expenses regardless of cost, and whether for domestic or international travel.

Reimbursable expenses include but are not limited to the following:

  • Transportation (basic taxi service, shuttle service or public transit) to and from MTN related functions; to and from airports, to and from the hotel, and to and from a meeting/conference and/or site
  • Airport Parking
  • Bridge and ferry tolls
  • Sky caps, porters, or cart rentals for heavy equipment or extra luggage specifically related to the purpose of the trip
  • Two reasonable (5-10 min) personal phone calls to family/friends in order to notify them of safe arrival and departure will be reimbursed. Please use other means of communication for additional personal contact such as Skype, iPhone messaging, or e-mail where the hotel provides free Internet access. Personal calls in the event of an emergency will be reimbursed on an individual basis.  Any additional expense beyond the allowable calls will be at the traveler’s own expense. Personal calls on MTN cell phones are not unlimited and follow the same policies as personal phones.
  • Business-related calls
  • Internet use for business purposes including connection fees for laptops
  • Personal care attendant fees and travel expenses for disability accommodations
  • The cost of the first checked bag.  Any additional bags will be reimbursed on a pre-approved basis depending on travel circumstances. The cost of additional checked baggage must be within the airline’s posted baggage rates.
  • Reimbursement for Laundry - Laundry and/or dry cleaning expenses are authorized for travelers in continuous travel status for five or more days in the continental USA. An allowance is already included in the meals and incidental rates for travel outside the continental USA and therefore may not be claimed as a separate travel expense.
  • Foreign transaction fees for large credit card expenditures (e.g., for extended hotel stays). (ATM fees and foreign transaction fees incurred for lesser credit card purchases are considered incidental expenses are therefore accounted for in the per diem.)
  • Custom/Import Duties directly and solely related to MTN travel and MTN research objectives
  • Travel visas directly and solely related to the MTN supported travel and MTN research objectives