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Pre-Approval for Travel

MTN Leadership will determine in advance who is required to attend MTN-sponsored meetings. MTN Travel Management will in turn notify those travelers and provide further instructions on travel arrangements and logistics.

For travel to non-MTN sponsored meetings, the traveler must receive prior approval from his/her supervisor. MTN Leadership approval may also be required. Verifiable proof that approval has been granted must be submitted to MTN Travel Management (Cheryl Richards) before any travel arrangements are made.

Pre-Approval of Waivers and Exceptions

In certain situations, a traveler may request approval of an expense that is outside the parameters defined in the MTN Travel and Reimbursement Guidelines. Examples include requests to purchase a refundable coach fare ticket, travel on an airline other than U.S. or U.S. Code Share carrier or to book a hotel with a rate that exceeds the specified per diem lodging rate for that city.

Requests allowing for such exceptions, or waivers, must be made in advance – prior to travel and prior to incurring the expense (which, if approval is not granted, will be the responsibility of the traveler). Requests should be directed to MTN Travel Management (Cheryl Richards). MTN Travel Management will coordinate the review process and communicate back to the traveler whether or not the request has been approved. Decisions will be based on U.S. federal guidelines and allowable exceptions to these guidelines. If a request for an exception is declined, MTN Travel Management will advise the traveler of his/her options.