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Travelers are responsible for keeping track of their expenses and retaining original receipts that are required for reimbursement.

All travelers within the U.S. MUST submit original, authentic, ITEMIZED receipts for ALL expenses. Receipts should provide sufficient detail to ensure the charge was valid and allowable per federal regulations and MWRIF policy. Detailed information on receipts should include vendor name, terms, good or services purchased and amount.  Itemized restaurant receipts are required for all meals.

Meals and incidental expenses for international travel will be reimbursed on a per diem basis.  International travelers who receive a per diem to cover meal expenses are not required to provide receipts for meals. All international travelers must retain original receipts per for all other expenses, such as for ground transportation, hotel or Internet service.

Receipts should be taped to a sheet of paper and paper clipped to an MTN Travel Reimbursement Memo, if submission is made by postal mail or in person.

Photocopies of receipts are only allowed for extenuating circumstances and must be cleared with MTN Travel Management.  If they are approved an explanatory memorandum must be included with the reimbursement request.

The MTN will process all reimbursements as quickly as possible upon receipt of all necessary information. Typically, checks will be issued and sent to the traveler within 2-4 weeks.

MTN’s Travel and Reimbursement Guidelines are explained in greater detail below. Please review this information carefully prior to travel, taking particular note of which expenses can and cannot be reimbursed. Questions may be directed to Cheryl Richards at