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March 25-28, 2007

The MTN 2007 Annual Meeting was held at the Wardman Marriott Hotel from March 25-28, 2007. Presentations from the plenary sessions are posted below.  Photos from our meeting can be viewed here.

MTN 2007 Annual Meeting Agenda (Download) 2007-03-2632.36 KB
Plenary Presentations from March 26, 2007
Welcome to the MTN: State of the Network (Hillier) (Download) 2007-03-262.64 MB
Building Bridges between Prevention & Treatment (Lehrman) (Download) 2007-03-26900.18 KB
The Dynamic Field of HIV Prevention Research (Cates) (Download) 2007-03-2675.18 KB
The Microbicide Media and Communication Initiative (Heise) (Download) 2007-03-261.29 MB
ART Resistance and Microbicide Research (Mellors) (Download) 2007-03-2681.93 KB
But Will They Use It? (Carballo-Dieguez) (Download) 2007-03-261.12 MB
But Will They Use It? (Tolley) (Download) 2007-03-26166.12 KB
The Need for Parallel Development of Rectal Microbicides (McGowan) (Download) 2007-03-261.61 MB
Can We Use Biomarkers in Microbicide Trials? (Herold) (Download) 2007-03-26395.15 KB
HPTN 035 (Abdool Karim) (Download) 2007-03-2650.99 KB
HPTN 059 (Hillier) (Download) 2007-03-2676.88 KB
MTN-004 (McGowan) (Download) 2007-03-26206.45 KB
MTN-015 (Riddler) (Download) 2007-03-2637.09 KB
MTN-001 (Hendrix) (Download) 2007-03-2660.97 KB
MTN-002 (Beigi) (Download) 2007-03-2655.2 KB
MTN-003 (Masse) (Download) 2007-03-26101.11 KB
Engaging the Community in Microbicide Research (Ukpong) (Download) 2007-03-26133.39 KB
Engaging the Community in Microbicide Research (Chatani) (Download) 2007-03-2628.74 KB
Engaging the Community in Microbicide Research (White) (Download) 2007-03-2629.34 KB
What it Means to be a Regional Physician (Ndase) (Download) 2007-03-26477.4 KB
Quick Working Group (Harrison) (Download) 2007-03-2656.96 KB
IPM (Rosenberg) (Download) 2007-03-26140.96 KB
CONRAD (Gabelnick) (Download) 2007-03-2645.16 KB
Making Linkages Between PEPFAR and Microbicide Research Sites (Ryan) (Download) 2007-03-26838.67 KB