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May 21-24, 2007

The MTN 2007 Regional Meeting was held at the International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, from May 21-24, 2007. Presentations from the general sessions are posted below.  Photos from our meeting can be viewed here.

Agenda (Download) 2007-05-21269.23 KB
Invite Letter (Download) 2007-05-2130.39 KB
General Session Presentations from May 22, 2007
Welcome to Cape Town (Hillier) (Download) 2007-05-22404.97 KB
Welcome from the NIH (Black) (Download) 2007-05-2265.15 KB
Welcome from the NIH (Forsyth) (Download) 2007-05-2251.24 KB
State of the Art in Microbicide Research (Hillier) (Download) 2007-05-22513.84 KB
HPTN 035 (Abdool Karim) (Download) 2007-05-22111.98 KB
MTN-035B (Gorbach) (Download) 2007-05-22389.37 KB
MTN-015 (Riddler) (Download) 2007-05-2237.39 KB
Moving Forward with ART Based Microbicides (Hillier) (Download) 2007-05-22429.95 KB
ART Resistance and Microbicides (McGowan) (Download) 2007-05-221.2 MB
Discussion of ART Portfolio (Celum, Ndase) (Download) 2007-05-22231.73 KB
Other Microbicides (McGowan) (Download) 2007-05-221.08 MB
Why a Comminication Plan is Essential (GHS) (Download) 2007-05-221.09 MB
Brief Case Studies (Coetzee) (Download) 2007-05-2213.98 KB
Brief Case Studies (Ramjee) (Download) 2007-05-22221.15 KB
Brief Case Studies (Ukpong) (Download) 2007-05-2217.05 KB
Blantyre Site (Download) 2007-05-22427.31 KB
Cape Town Site (Coetzee) (Download) 2007-05-22291.06 KB
Durban Site (Ramjee) (Download) 2007-05-221.19 MB
Harare Site (Chikwanda) (Download) 2007-05-22810.82 KB
Kampala Site (Nakabiito) (Download) 2007-05-22642.59 KB
Lilongwe Site (Mvalo) (Download) 2007-05-22382.08 KB
Lusaka Site (Kapina) (Download) 2007-05-221.51 MB
General Session Presentations from May 24, 2007
Report from Clinician Session (Kapambwe) (Download) 2007-05-2472.26 KB
Report from Laboratory Session (Maharaj) (Download) 2007-05-2434.2 KB
Report from Study Coordinator Session (Clapp) (Download) 2007-05-2426.4 KB
Report from Community Session (Download) 2007-04-24347.18 KB
Report from Pharmacy Session (Taylor) (Download) 2007-05-2468.7 KB
Summary and Wrap-up (Hillier) (Download) 2007-05-24178.46 KB