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October 19-22, 2009

The MTN 2009 Regional Meeting was held in Cape Town South Africa during the week of October 19-22, 2009 at the Westin Grand Cape Town Arabella Quays Hotel.

Presentations from the Plenary Sessions are posted below.  Photos from our meeting can be viewed here.

2009 Regional Meeting Announcement and Target Audience (Download) 2009-05-1480.31 KB
2009 Regional Meeting Fact Sheet (Download) 2009-05-1483.59 KB
MTN 2009 Regional Meeting Agenda (Download) 2009-09-30110.18 KB
Plenary Presentations from Monday, October 19, 2009
Abdool Karim - HPTN 035: What Did We Learn? (Download) 2009-10-19311.56 KB
Black - Preclinical Development of Microbicides (Download) 2009-10-19625.83 KB
Hillier - Welcome and State of the Network (Download) 2009-10-191.06 MB
Masse - Dilution of Efficacy in Microbicide Trials (Download) 2009-10-19554.97 KB
McGowan - The Microbicide Pipeline (Download) 2009-10-191.93 MB
Mensch - HPTN 035 & ACASI: Do We Always Tell the Truth? (Download) 2009-10-19913.21 KB
Ramjee - MDP 301: Plans for Release of Study Data (Download) 2009-10-19188.67 KB
Plenary Presentations from Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Mgodi - The Road to Activation: What Helped, What Didn't, How We Could Have Saved Time? (Download) 2009-10-20111.06 KB
Mngadi - From Vaccines to Microbicides: How the Shift Has Changed Our Focus (Download) 2009-10-20787.39 KB
Nair - Doing Studies of ARV-Based Microbicides: What's Different, What's the Same? (Download) 2009-10-20324.31 KB
Palanee - Providing Contraceptive Service in a Microbicide Trial (Download) 2009-10-20601.38 KB
Reid - Post Study Views of Study Participants (Download) 2009-10-20585.25 KB
Plenary Presentations from Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Baeten - Ongoing PrEP Studies: Lessons Learned and Timelines (Download) 2009-10-212.72 MB
Hillier - MTN Awards and Closing Remarks (Download) 2009-10-2133.15 KB
Latka - Who Gets into Clinical Trials and Are Those People Representative of the Larger Community? (Download) 2009-10-21549.05 KB
McGowan - Anal Sex in Microbicide Trials: A Cause for Concern? (Download) 2009-10-211002 KB
McGowan - Microbicides 2010 (Download) 2009-10-21869.8 KB
Ndase - From Initiation to Success: Lessons Learned (Download) 2009-10-21854.4 KB
Parikh - What's New in Resistance? (Download) 2009-10-21346.96 KB
Stadler - Ethnography - What is it and Why is it Important in Clinical Trials? (Download) 2009-10-21954.7 KB
Woodsong - Acceptability of Microbicides Among Participants, Partners and Stakeholders (Download) 2009-10-211 MB