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October 4-7, 2010

The 2010 MTN Regional Meeting was held at the Westin Grand Cape Town Arabella Quays Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, on October 4-7, 2010.  Presentations from the general sessions that were approved for posting by the author are listed below.  Additional VOICE presentations can be found here.  Photos from our meeting can be viewed here.

Announcement of MTN 2010 Regional Meeting (Download) 2010-04-01105.24 KB
MTN 2010 Regional Meeting Draft Agenda (Download) 2010-09-14108.7 KB
MTN 2010 Regional Meeting Fact Sheet (Download) 2010-04-01102.82 KB
SOUTHERN SUN Registration Form (Download) 2010-04-0143.21 KB
WESTIN Registration Form (Download) 2010-04-01304 KB
General Session Presentations from October 5, 2010
ABDOOL KARIM: CAPRISA 004-Safety & Effectiveness of Tenofovir Gel for HIV and HSV-2 Prevention in Women (Download) 2010-10-052.66 MB
BEIGI: The Importance of Moving Microbicides into Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women (Download) 2010-10-05229.05 KB
GOREJENA: Contraception and Pregnancy in Zimbabwe (Download) 2010-10-05267.52 KB
HILLIER: A Year in Review and the Road Ahead (Download) 2010-10-051.49 MB
LADHA: Use of a Pre-Screener Questionnaire to identify women at higher risk of HIV:The Aurum Institute’s Klerksdorp Experience (Download) 2010-10-05758.56 KB
General Session Presentations from October 6, 2010
MELLORS: Antiretrovirals for Treatment and Prevention: Two Trains on A Collision Course? (Download) 2010-10-06765.79 KB
MKHIZE: Ethical and Operational Issues in Preventing Co-Enrollment (Download) 2010-10-0695.96 KB
PARIKH: MTN-009: Why It’s Important to Understand ARV Resistance in Our Communities (Download) 2010-10-06866.64 KB
REES: A multi-faceted approach to adherence – a broader perspective (Download) 2010-10-061.52 MB
SEYAMA: Preparing the Community for VOICE (Download) 2010-10-06148.82 KB
STADLER: Interpreting Adherence: A Social Contextual Perspective (Download) 2010-10-06338.72 KB
General Session Presentations from October 7, 2010
HENDRIX: Why PK/PD Matters (Download) 2010-10-07746.45 KB
HILLIER: What Comes After VOICE: Thinking About MTN-018 (Download) 2010-10-0761.38 KB
JENNEKER: Implementation of VOICE in a Multi-Site CTU; Lessons Learnt and Future Insights (Download) 2010-10-07953.88 KB
MCGOWAN: MTN Awards and Closing Comments (Download) 2010-10-07313.08 KB
ABDOOL KARIM: Does Africa Need a Rectal microbicide? (Download) 2010-10-071.04 MB