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March 27-31, 2011

The 2011 MTN Annual Meeting was held on March 27-31, 2011, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202. Our agenda and presentations from our plenary sessions have been posted below.  Photos from our meeting can be viewed here.

2011 MTN Annual Meeting Agenda (Download) 2011-03-22107.1 KB
General Invite Letter (Download) 2011-02-1093.81 KB
Presentations from Plenary Sessions on Monday, March 28, 2011
DIEFFENBACH: Challenges and Opportunities in HIV Prevention (Download) 2011-03-281.58 MB
FENTON: Enhancing HIV/STI Prevention for MSM in the United States (Download) 2011-03-28944.74 KB
HILLIER: Welcome and MTN State of the Network (Download) 2011-03-282.53 MB
HUMES: Engaging African American MSM in Research (Download) 2011-03-281.1 MB
MCGOWAN: MTN Response to the US Domestic Agenda (Download) 2011-03-281.37 MB
MGODI: Where are we going after effectiveness studies? (Download) 2011-03-281.81 MB
MILLETT: The U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy (Download) 2011-03-28903.27 KB
STANTON: Update on the Status of USAID’s HIV/AIDS Microbicides Program (Download) 2011-03-28171.37 KB
Presentations from Plenary Sessions on Tuesday, March 29, 2011
BANGSBERG: PREP Adherence Measurement (Download) 2011-03-291.63 MB
CELUM: Adherence & Effectiveness: Lessons from CAPRISA 004, iPrEx & Partners PrEP (& HSV-HIV Trials) (Download) 2011-03-291.52 MB
GORBACH: Integration of Behavioral Science in the MTN (Download) 2011-03-291010.7 KB
HENDRIX: MTN-001Phase 2 Adherence and Pharmacokinetic Study of Oral and Vaginal Preparationsof Tenofovir (Download) 2011-03-29714.19 KB
HILLIER: MTN Annual Meeting Awards and Closing Remarks (Download) 2011-03-2969.06 KB
MCGOWAN: Microbicides 2012 (Download) 2011-03-29127.66 KB
ROMANO: The Microbicide Pipeline:A Critical Review (Download) 2011-03-29352.62 KB