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October 8-13, 2011

The 2011 MTN Regional Meeting took place at the Westin Cape Town Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa, October 8-13, 2011.

See below for attachments regarding the meeting.  Presentations from the general sessions are also listed below.  Additional presentations in the Lab breakouts can be found at this link:  Presentations pertaining to the Community Working Group can be found here:  FDA presentations are located under the VOICE study and can be found here:  Photos from our meeting can be viewed here.

Hotel Reservation Fact Sheet (Download) 2011-08-2287.69 KB
MTN 2011 Regional Meeting Agenda (Download) 2011-09-13114.98 KB
Regional Meeting Announcement (Download) 2011-08-2286.43 KB
Southern Sun Cullinan Booking Request (Download) 2011-04-0875.49 KB
Westin Accommodation Registration Form (PDF format for printing) (Download) 2011-08-0456.22 KB
Westin Accommodation Registration Form (WORD format for typing) (Download) 2011-08-04278.5 KB
General Session Presentations from October 11, 2011 (Tuesday)
BROWN: The High Statistical Cost of Loss to Follow-up (Download) 2011-10-11516.96 KB
DANIELS: The Amazing Race to Complete Enrollment in VOICE (Download) 2011-10-112 MB
HILLIER: MTN Regional Meeting 2011 (Download) 2011-10-11301.24 KB
MARRAZZO-CHIRENJE: VOICE: The Road to Study Completion (Download) 2011-10-111.09 MB
MATOVU: Implementing Multi-Site Protocols: Challenges and Importance to the Scientific Community (Download) 2011-10-11297.45 KB
NAIR: Hepatitis B virus prevalence: implications for a tenofovir-based HIV prevention strategy (Download) 2011-10-11823.81 KB
General Session Presentations from October 12, 2011 (Wednesday)
BEIGI-MAKANANI: The Promise of HIV Prevention in Pregnancy (Download) 2011-10-12322.46 KB
MATAMBO: Lusaka, Zambia Site Specific Retention Issues in MTN-015 (Download) 2011-10-12374.04 KB
MLINGO: Strategies for Improving Participant Retention in Zimbabwe (Download) 2011-10-12845.11 KB
STADLER: Barriers and Facilitators to Adherence: Preliminary findings from VOICE C (Download) 2011-10-12460.27 KB
General Session Presentations from October 13, 2011 (Thursday)
BEKKER: MSM in Sub-Saharan Africa (Download) 2011-10-135.81 MB
CATES: Confounded by Contraception (Download) 2011-10-132.14 MB
DIEFFENBACH: Combination HIV Prevention Research (Download) 2011-10-131.89 MB
GRAY: HIV Vaccine Research An Africa Perspective (Download) 2011-10-131.81 MB
HILLIER: MTN Closing Comments and Looking Ahead (Download) 2011-10-1384.84 KB
SANNE: What will it take to roll-out Test and Treat? (Download) 2011-10-131.21 MB
Miscellaneous Presentations
HIV Drug Resistance: Community Concerns (Download) 2011-10-12449.33 KB