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September 30-October 4, 2012

The 2012 MTN Regional Meeting was held at the Westin Cape Town Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa, September 30-October 4, 2012. Presentations from this meeting are posted below.  Photos from our meeting can be viewed here.

DAIDS Critical Events Training
Casting a Watchful Eye (Download) 2012-09-303.37 MB
MTN 2012 Regional Meeting Agenda (Download) 2012-09-2097.59 KB
MTN Hotel Registration Form (Download) 2012-05-08358.52 KB
MTN Hotel Reservation Fact Sheet (Download) 2012-05-0880.73 KB
Plenary Presentations from October 2, 2012
DAI: Analysis of Drug Concentration Data in PrEP Trials (Download) 2012-10-02537.04 KB
DHLAKAMA: Additional Specimen Collection: Zimbabwean Experience from PBMC and Hair Collection (Download) 2012-10-02583.99 KB
DIEFFENBACH: Moving the HIV Prevention Agenda Forward: The DAIDS Perspective (Download) 2012-10-025.17 MB
GOVENDER: Social, Behavioural and Cultural Challenges Affecting Adherence to Product Use in VOICE (Download) 2012-10-021.19 MB
MCGOWAN: Where We Have Been and Where We are Going (Download) 2012-10-021.98 MB
NAIDOO: Screening for the VOICE Study at eThekwini Site: Lessons Learnt and Implications for Retention in Future Studies (Download) 2012-10-02467.47 KB
REES: An Update on FACTS 001 (Download) 2012-10-021.37 MB
SALATA: Network Evaluation: Continuous Improvement of Our Network (Download) 2012-10-02334.74 KB
STADLER: Gossip, Rumor and Medical Research: Some Findings from VOICE C (Download) 2012-10-021.42 MB
Plenary Presentations from October 3, 2012
ACHILLES: IUDs: An Underutilized Contraceptive Technology for Africa (Download) 2012-10-031.3 MB
AKELLO: Predictors of pregnancy in VOICE participants – Uganda (Download) 2012-10-03171.75 KB
BAETEN: Hormonal contraception and HIV Risk: Evidence and Unknowns (Download) 2012-10-03528.11 KB
BUNGE: Contraceptive Action Team: An Update (Download) 2012-10-031.14 MB
CELUM: MTN Scholars Program (Download) 2012-10-0380.79 KB
KAMYA: Implementing contraceptive method mix: Kampala Site experience thus far (Download) 2012-10-03213.13 KB
KANYEMBA: Engaging African Men in Rectal Microbicides (Download) 2012-10-033.07 MB
MAKANANI: Contraceptive Prevalence and Plans for Long Acting Methods (Download) 2012-10-03231.56 KB
MATAMBO: Intra-Vaginal Practices Reported by Participants: HPTN 035 (Download) 2012-10-0373.63 KB
MCGOWAN: Rectal Microbicides (Download) 2012-10-031.93 MB
MGODI: A Cross Sectional Study to Determine the Prevalence of HPV Genotypes in women of reproductive age “at risk for HIV” (Download) 2012-10-031.22 MB
NAIDOO: Hormonal contraception and the risk of HIV acquisition among women in rural and urban communities in KwaZulu-Natal (Download) 2012-10-0397.28 KB
PATHER: Hormonal Contraception and STI risk: HPTN 035 South Africa (Download) 2012-10-03102.43 KB
REDDY: Assessing Circulating HIV Drug Resistance Profiles & Co-Receptor Usage in Hillbrow (Download) 2012-10-03481.87 KB
Plenary Presentations from October 4, 2012
BAETEN-PALANEE: ASPIRE (Download) 2012-10-041.3 MB
MELLORS: HIV-1 Prevention and the Potential for Antiretroviral Resistance (Download) 2012-10-04597.05 KB