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October 24-26, 2014

The MTN 2014 Regional Meeting took place at the Westin Cape Town Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa, on Friday, October 24, 2014, through Sunday, October 26, 2014.

Please see the documents below for detailed information regarding this event.  Photos can be viewed here.

Hotel Reservation Fact Sheet (Download) 2014-06-03100.25 KB
MTN 2014 Regional Meeting Agenda (Download) 2014-10-1381.28 KB
Westin Cape Town Hotel Registration Form (Download) 2014-06-03159.03 KB
I. Plenary Presentations from Saturday, October 25, 2014
CELUM: Open Label Extension studies: Findings from Partners PrEP Study (Download) 2014-10-25502.34 KB
MCGOWAN/HILLIER: Welcome to the MTN Regional Meeting (Download) 2014-10-25499.51 KB
MGODI: Factors Associated with Bone Mineral Density in Healthy African Women (Download) 2014-10-25479.96 KB
NEL: The Path to Licensure for the Dapivirine Ring (Download) 2014-10-251.36 MB
PALANEE/KATANA: Providing Products after Trials: Learning from our Stakeholders (Download) 2014-10-251.91 MB
VAN DER STRATEN: VOICE-D (MTN-003D) stage 2: Truth & consequences (Download) 2014-10-251.76 MB
II. Plenary Presentations from Sunday, October 26, 2014
CRANSTON: MTN-017 Update (Download) 2014-10-261.02 MB
DEZZUTTI: Harnessing the Power of the Specimen Tsunami (Download) 2014-10-26553.31 KB
GATI: Study Product Adherence: A Continuing Challenge in HIV PrEP Trials With User Dependant Products (Download) 2014-10-261.72 MB
NAIR: MTN 014: What Questions will it Answer? (Download) 2014-10-26273.48 KB