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September 25-29, 2016

The MTN 2016 Regional Meeting was held September 25-29, 2016, at the Westin Cape Town Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa.  Presentations from the plenary sessions, when permission was granted, are listed below.  Photos can be viewed here.

Hotel Accommodation Booking Form (Download) 2016-03-31138.68 KB
MTN 2016 Regional Meeting Agenda (Download) 2016-09-1496.6 KB
MTN Studies Summary (Download) 2016-09-19488.07 KB
I. Presentations from Plenary Session, Tuesday, September 27, 2016
BUNGE: MTN 023/IPM 030 The US Adolescent Dapivirine Ring Study Project iMatter (Download) 2016-09-27285.05 KB
HOSEK: Adolescents and Oral PrEP: Results and Lessons from ATN 113 (Download) 2016-09-271.46 MB
MCGOWAN: Welcome and State of the Network (Download) 2016-09-27303.07 KB
MENSCH: Vaginal Ring Use in a Phase 3 Microbicide Trial (Download) 2016-09-27294.89 KB
NAIR/NGURE: MTN 034: REACH Reversing the epidemic in Africa with choices in HIV prevention (Download) 2016-09-271.1 MB
II. Presentations from Plenary Session, Wednesday, September 28, 2016
BAETEN: What will HOPE teach us? (Download) 2016-09-281.66 MB
BALAN: Revolutionizing our Counseling Approaches in HOPE, Lessons from MTN-017 (Download) 2016-09-28728.43 KB
MAKANGA: The Kisumu Clinical Research Site (Download) 2016-09-28238.02 KB
MHLANGA: Uptake of IUCDs in ASPIRE (Download) 2016-09-28796.95 KB
MOODLEY: Awareness of Male Partner Circumcision and Women’s Health (Download) 2016-09-28659.77 KB
ROMANO: Moving Toward an MPT (Download) 2016-09-28343.84 KB
VAN DER STRATEN: Are Ring Worries Affecting Use? Findings from the MTN-020/ASPIRE Phase III Dapivirine Ring Trial (Download) 2016-09-28305.77 KB
III. Presentations from Plenary Session, Thursday, September 29, 2016
BEAMON: DREAMS (Download) 2016-09-29996.74 KB
GATI: HIV Prevention Tools: What does the Community Say? (Download) 2016-09-291 MB
MARRAZZO: The Vaginal Microbiome & HIV-1 Acquisition (Download) 2016-09-293.68 MB
MGODI: Antibody Mediated HIV Prevention: The AMP Studies (Download) 2016-09-291.97 MB
TAHA: Bacterial Vaginosis and Risk of HIV-1 Infection (Download) 2016-09-29358.02 KB