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September 22-27, 2018

MTN’s 2018 Regional Meeting was held September 22-27 at the Westin Cape Town Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. Topics covered at the meeting included new studies on the dapivirine vaginal ring in pregnant and lactating women, and the implementation of the REACH study (MTN-034) – a Phase IIa study that will evaluate how adolescent girls and young women use the monthly dapivirine vaginal ring and Truvada as daily PrEP and their preferences for either or both approaches. The meeting also addressed the implementation of MTN-035, a study to assess the acceptability, tolerability and adherence to placebo rectal microbicides in three formulations: a douche, fast dissolving rectal tablet (insert) and rectal suppository.


Presentation slides from the plenary sessions are available below.  Photos from the meeting can be viewed here.

Hotel Accommodation Booking Form (Download) 2018-07-16600 KB
MTN 2018 Regional Meeting Agenda (Download) 2018-09-1198.93 KB
MTN Study Summaries (Download) 2018-09-181.13 MB
Travel Desk Discount (Download) 2018-08-20588.21 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 1
02: ROSENBERG: Dapivirine Ring: Regulatory Update (Download) 2018-09-251.32 MB
03: MELLORS: Should We Be Worried about HIV Resistance in Prevention Trials? (Download) 2018-09-251.34 MB
04: BROWN: What Are We Learning About Ring Adherence and Efficacy (Download) 2018-09-2514.6 KB
05: MGODI: The Prevention Landscape for Women:Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow (Download) 2018-09-251.93 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 2
01: BEIGI: Dapivirine Ring, Dolutegravir, and Moving Forward with Pregnancy Research (Download) 2018-09-25967.35 KB
02: STRANIX-CHIBANDA: IMPAACT 2009 Different Pieces of the Puzzle (Download) 2018-09-251.01 MB
03: BUNGE: DELIVER (MTN-042) (Download) 2018-09-251.37 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 3
01: CELUM: Lessons from PrEPdelivery for young African women in POWER, 3P and HPTN 082 (Download) 2018-09-2625.8 MB
02: CHITUKUTA: Negative rumours and misconceptions about a vaginal ring for HIV-1 prevention in sub-Saharan Africa (Download) 2018-09-26721.9 KB
03: NAKALEGA: Ethical Considerations of Involving Adolescents in HIV Prevention Clinical Trials in Uganda (Download) 2018-09-261008.8 KB
04: PARIKH: Sensitive Next Generation Sequencing of HIV-1 (Download) 2018-09-261.51 MB
05: BAETEN: Contraception and HIV risk in ASPIRE (Download) 2018-09-261.26 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 4
01: BAUERMEISTER: MTN-035: What It Will Teach Us (Download) 2018-09-26612.09 KB
02: MCINTYRE: The HIV Epidemic in MSM in South Africa (Download) 2018-09-268.4 MB
03: KAYANGE: Engaging MSM in Research, in Malawi (Download) 2018-09-261.36 MB