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February 10-13, 2019

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The MTN 2019 Annual Meeting was held February 10-13, 2019, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott located at 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia.  Photos from the meeting are posted herePresentations from the plenary sessions of the meeting are posted below.

MTN 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda (Download) 2019-02-0187.12 KB
MTN Study Summaries (Download) 2019-01-29412.33 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 1
01: BAETEN/HILLIER: Welcome and State of the Network (Download) 2019-02-112.27 MB
02: BROWN: The Ring: How Good is it if You Use It? (Download) 2019-02-1143.59 KB
03: PALANEE-PHILLIPS/MGODI: Lessons from HOPE (Download) 2019-02-111.22 MB
04: WARREN: What’s New; What’s Next A Quick Overview of the Px Pipeline (Download) 2019-02-113.31 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 2
01: PINTYE: Landscape of PrEP in Pregnancy (Download) 2019-02-112.46 MB
02: BUNGE: MTN-042 (DELIVER) (Download) 2019-02-111.4 MB
03: BALKUS/NOGUCHI: B-Protected (MTN-043) (Download) 2019-02-112.65 MB
04: BALAN: Counseling for Cause (Download) 2019-02-11933.12 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 3
01: HIGHTOW-WEIDMAN: Prevention for Youth 2.0 (Download) 2019-02-122.87 MB
02: SEIDMAN: Addressing Challenges of Persistence Without Undermining Autonomy (Download) 2019-02-121.26 MB
03: NAIR/NGURE: The REACH Study (MTN-034) (Download) 2019-02-121.35 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 4
01: HENDRIX: The Case for On Demand Topical PrEP: Maintaining Options to Optimize CHOICE (Download) 2019-02-121.55 MB
02: BAUERMEISTER: What will DESIRE (MTN-035) Teach Us? (Download) 2019-02-122.61 MB
03: DOWNS: Decision Science: How Do People Make Choices? (Download) 2019-02-12465.23 KB
04: HILLIER/BAETEN: Closing and Award Ceremony (Download) 2019-02-12740.87 KB