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February 9-12, 2020


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The MTN 2020 Annual Meeting was held February 9-12, 2020, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202. Topics included HIV prevention in pregnant and breastfeeding women and adolescents, an update on rectal microbicides, and a lively and fun debate about the future of topical products for HIV prevention. The meeting concluded with an awards ceremony and gratitude for all who have contributed to the MTN’s research agenda for nearly a decade and a half. Presentations from the plenary sessions and additional documents are posted below. Photos from the meeting can be accessed here.

MTN 2020 Annual Meeting Agenda (Download) 2020-01-29105.51 KB
MTN Study Summaries (Download) 2020-02-03737.78 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 1
01: NOGUCHI and MAKANANI: MTN Delivers: 14 Years of Pushing for HIV Prevention Research with Pregnant and Breastfeeding Populations (Download) 2020-02-102.82 MB
02: BALKUS: Creating a Better Understanding of Pregnancy Outcomes in Sub Saharan Africa: MTN-042B (Download) 2020-02-1015.14 MB
03: VAN DER STRATEN: Stakeholder Attitudes and Beliefs About Use of HIV Prevention Products during Pregnancy (Download) 2020-02-101.54 MB
04: STRANIX-CHIBANDA: Lessons Learned from IMPAACT 2009 (Download) 2020-02-1043.59 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 2
01: BAUERMEISTER: The MTN-035 (DESIRE) Study: Lessons from the US Sites (Download) 2020-02-10750.19 KB
02: GONZALES: MTN-035 VIEW OF PERU (Download) 2020-02-101.79 MB
03: CHARIYALERTSAK: Challenging for Recruitment of Participants in DESIRE: Lesson Learned from CHIANG MAI (Download) 2020-02-102.01 MB
04: PALANEE-PHILLIPS: DESIRE in South Africa (Download) 2020-02-102.41 MB
05: SEYAMA: The community we serve and early lessons from MTN-035 (Download) 2020-02-10384.62 KB
06: HO: MTN-026, MTN-033, MTN-037, MTN-039 The Long and Winding Rectal Road (Download) 2020-02-1043.59 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 3
01: HOSEK: REACHing Adolescents in Prevention-MTN 034 (Download) 2020-02-1143.59 KB
02: AKELLO: What We Are Learning From Working with Adolescents in Uganda (Download) 2020-02-111.05 MB
03: MUKAKA: REACH Study-The SPILHAUS Experience and Lessons Learned (Download) 2020-02-11209.82 KB
04: MONTGOMERY: Male Partners’ Sexual Experiences with the vaginal ring: Results from MTN 032 (Download) 2020-02-1143.59 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 4
01: HEROLD-BAETEN-HENDRIX-LIU: The Great Debate - Systemics vs Topicals (Download) 2020-02-114.91 MB