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01. MTN 2017 Regional Meeting
DAIDS - Naana Cleland (Download) 2017-09-20351.43 KB
Geenius Downtime at MU-JHU Core laboratory Kampala Uganda (Download) 2017-09-1990.58 KB
GeneXpert HIV-1 Quantitative Assay CAPRISA (Download) 2017-09-19326.64 KB
GeneXpert VL Validation; Experience at UNC Project (Download) 2017-09-19959.16 KB
HOPE Algorithm Queries (Download) 2017-09-1926.73 KB
LDMS and Shipping (Download) 2017-09-20709.39 KB
MTN-034 Highlights (Download) 2017-09-191.09 MB
NG/CT testing with GeneXpert (Download) 2017-09-1997.41 KB
WITS RHI GeneXpert Experience (Download) 2017-09-19325.48 KB
02: MTN 2016 Regional Meeting
DAIDS Laboratory Oversight Activities (Download) 2016-09-27699.51 KB
Documentation Standards (Download) 2016-09-2792.74 KB
GeneXpert HIV-1 Quantitative assay (Download) 2016-09-27498.46 KB
GeneXpert Study Data Collection (Download) 2016-09-27430.2 KB
HIV Validation Panel Summary (Download) 2016-09-27374.54 KB
HOPE Follow-Up Algorithm: Unusual Cases (Download) 2016-09-27447.85 KB
Laboratory Errors: Finding the Root Cause (Download) 2016-09-27211.81 KB
Scenario 1 (Download) 2016-09-2753.86 KB
Scenario 2 (Download) 2016-09-2765.09 KB
Scenario 3 (Download) 2016-09-2757 KB
Scenario 4 (Download) 2016-09-2783.21 KB
Scenario 5 (Download) 2016-09-2760.23 KB
Scenario 6 (Download) 2016-09-2764.28 KB
Scenario 7 (Download) 2016-09-2758.76 KB
Specimen Management (Download) 2016-09-2750.82 KB
Telling a story – manuscripts (Download) 2016-09-2783.71 KB
03: MTN 2015 Regional Meeting
DEZZUTTI: Beyond ASPIRE (Download) 2015-10-06565 KB
LIVANT: Implementation of New HIV Tests (Download) 2015-10-0624.89 KB
LIVANT: Specimen Management and LDMS (Download) 2015-10-0624.31 KB
LIVANT: VOICE and ASPIRE Laboratory Lessons Learnt (Download) 2015-10-0636.01 KB
MELLORS: Sensitive Resistance Testing (Download) 2015-10-071.11 MB
OPEST-LIVANT: DISCUSSION: Logistics of Implementing Geenius at MTN Sites (Download) 2015-10-07295.67 KB
OPEST: HIV Drug Resistance Testing Using the Stanford University Drug Resistance Database (Download) 2015-10-07250.85 KB
RABE: GeneXpert NG/CT Test: Interpreting Results (Download) 2015-10-06187.37 KB
WALLIS: HIV Drug Resistance in Africa (Download) 2015-10-07899.95 KB
04: MTN 2014 Regional Meeting
HALL: Syphilis A Brief History & Algorithm Review (Download) 2014-10-261.52 MB
hCG Control Set (Positive and Negative) Package Inserts (Download) 2014-10-2691.89 KB
INSTi HIV-1/HIV-2 Antibody Test Package Insert (Download) 2014-10-26181.4 KB
Multispot HIV-1/HIV-2 Rapid Test Package Insert (Download) 2014-10-26490.94 KB
PARIKH: Update on New HIV Platform Ancillary Study (Download) 2014-10-26473.67 KB
PENROSE: MultiSpot and Insti Testing Platforms (Download) 2014-10-261.18 MB
QuickVue One-Step hCG Urine test Package Insert (Download) 2014-10-2688.53 KB
REMEL RPR Card Test Package Insert (Download) 2014-10-26261.84 KB
Scenario 1: The case of who’s reactive, and who’s not? (Download) 2014-10-2692.92 KB
Scenario 1: The case of who’s reactive, and who’s not? (ANSWERS) (Download) 2014-10-2690.95 KB
Scenario 2: The case of: Tears for Cryobox Fears (Download) 2014-10-2611.47 KB
Scenario 2: The case of: Tears for Cryobox Fears (Shipping Errors) (Download) 2014-10-26333.96 KB
Scenario 3: The case of the flying urine (Download) 2014-10-2622.06 KB
Scenario 3: The case of the flying urine (ANSWERS) (Download) 2014-10-2625.1 KB
Scenario 4: The Case of the Mysterious HIV Algorithm Results (Download) 2014-10-26252.84 KB
Scenario 4: The Case of the Mysterious HIV Algorithm Results (ANSWERS) (Download) 2014-10-26269.11 KB
Scenario 5: The case of the vampire woes (Download) 2014-10-2623.49 MB
Scenario 5: The case of the vampire woes (ANSWERS) (Download) 2014-10-2625.88 MB
05: MTN 2013 Regional Meeting
Agyei - Communication With Other Labs (Download) 2013-10-3070.9 KB
CAPRISA - Specimen Shipment QC (Download) 2013-10-29355.49 KB
Cummings - Investigating Unresolved HIV Status during Endpoint Confirmation (Download) 2013-10-29890.88 KB
Cummings - New HIV Detection and Confirmation Testing Platforms (Download) 2013-10-301.29 MB
Lilongwe - Missed Test; Communication (Download) 2013-10-29558.09 KB
Livant - Operational Updates (Download) 2013-10-2925 KB
Malawi - HIV Rapid Test Control Issue at Blantyre Site (Download) 2013-10-29457.41 KB
MRC - FBC Clotted Tube - How to Prevent Missing Window Periods & PDs (Download) 2013-10-293.66 MB
MUJHU - Use of Non FDA Approved Unigold (Download) 2013-10-2928.4 KB
Rabe - GC/CT Testing with Cepheid GeneXpert (Download) 2013-10-29167.45 KB
UZ-UCSF - Syphilis Investigation Report (IR) (Download) 2013-10-2953.61 KB
Wits RHI - Gram Stain Labelling (Download) 2013-10-29820.96 KB
06: MTN 2011 Regional Meeting
AURUM:The laboratory preparation for a new study –a pragmatic approach (Download) 2011-10-113.8 MB
BLANTYRE:MTN 020 Lab Samples and Testing Summary (Download) 2011-10-111.13 MB
CIDRZ:Overview Of QA/QC Issues in Chemistry AND Lessons Learned (Download) 2011-10-113.21 MB
ESKAY:MTN-003 Endpoint Confirmations Algorithm for Specimen Testing (Download) 2011-10-11482.2 KB
HALL:The Story of the Platelet Clump (Download) 2011-10-111.96 MB
LILONGWE:MTN 015 Specimen Review (Download) 2011-10-11624.38 KB
LIVANT: FDA Audits What we know, what we don’t. (Download) 2011-10-1123.81 KB
Mhizha:HIV Testing Algorithm (Download) 2011-10-1197 KB
MHIZHA:MTN HIV Testing Algorithms (Download) 2011-10-11105.21 KB
MRC:Do You Have Chemistry? (Download) 2011-10-111.89 MB
MRC:Timing Violations (Download) 2011-10-11998.38 KB
MU-JHU:Review of a site Shipment Un-expected Occurrence (Download) 2011-10-11417.42 KB
RABE:Updates and Reminders (Download) 2011-10-112.84 MB
RAMCHURAN:Optimising Turn Around Time of Laboratory Results (Download) 2011-10-11493.73 KB
SWARTZ-SHOLANDER:SMILE (Download) 2011-10-111.87 MB
06: MTN 2011 Regional Meeting - CAPRISA eThekwini Examples for Taqman Validation Process
AMPLIPREP-AMPLICOR Viral PCR Readings vs TAQMAN Viral PCR Readings (Download) 2011-10-1127.73 KB
SAMSUNDER:Method Validations (Download) 2011-10-1166.89 KB
Summary Report Form for Verification Studies and System Validation Data (Download) 2011-10-11234.74 KB
VQA Lab281 HIV RNA Validation Report (Download) 2011-10-11376.36 KB
VQA Validation FDA-Approved Assay Template (Download) 2011-10-11165.79 KB
07: MTN 2010 Regional Meeting
AURUM SITE: Tests Run by the AURUM KOSH Site (Download) 2010-10-05839.42 KB
BLANTYRE: PPD audits (Download) 2010-10-0521.41 KB
CAPRISA: CAPRISA Inventory (Download) 2010-10-052.27 MB
DURBAN: Lessons Learnt From MTN 001, MTN 003 & MTN 015 (Download) 2010-10-05798.7 KB
HARARE: MTN 003, Our Site Experiences (Download) 2010-10-0570.88 KB
KAMPALA: Implementing MTN Protocols Laboratory Evaluations at the MU-JHU Core Lab – A Review (Download) 2010-10-05134.92 KB
LIVANT: Network Structure, Operational Updates (Download) 2010-10-05570.59 KB
PARIKH: Cell Pellet Training (Download) 2010-10-05763.8 KB
PHRU: Specimen Management PHRU LAB (Download) 2010-10-05316.52 KB
RABE: Test Kit Name Changes & Ordering Information (Download) 2010-10-051.31 MB
RHRU: Overview of the Integration of Clinical and Lab Procedures at the RHRU Site: Nurses Perspective (Download) 2010-10-05105.52 KB
08: MTN 2009 Regional Meeting
DAIDS Table for Grading the Severity of Adult and Pediatric Adverse Events (Download) 2009-08-31268.03 KB
Durban Presentation on MTN-009 (Download) 2009-10-21227.47 KB
Harare Presentation on MTN-003 (Download) 2009-10-213.28 MB
Kampala Presentation on MTN-001 (Download) 2009-10-2139.56 KB
Lusaka Presentation on MTN-015 (Download) 2009-10-21438.35 KB
Monitoring HIV Infection (Download) 2009-10-211012.1 KB
MTN Operational Updates (Download) 2009-10-21329.79 KB
09: MTN 2008 Regional Meeting
Biomedical Sciences Working Group (Dezzutti) (Download) 2008-09-10134.96 KB
Blantyre-Alert or Critical values in the DAIDS Sponsored Laboratory (Cardona) (Download) 2008-09-09405.12 KB
Challenges in Getting FBC/CBC Controls (Agyei) (Download) 2008-09-0971.5 KB
Everything you needed to know about IRs (Livant) (Download) 2008-09-10314.55 KB
Kampala - Trouble Shooting, Flow cytometry (Karugaba) (Download) 2008-09-09306.4 KB
Lessons Learned from HPTN 035/HIV Confirmatory Testing (Piwowar-Manning) (Download) 2008-09-09290.48 KB
Lilongwe - Instrument/Method Validation (Lugalia) (Download) 2008-09-09524.02 KB
Lusaka - MANAGEMENT OF EXTERNAL PROFICIENCY TESTING (Sikateyo) (Download) 2008-09-09699.84 KB
Monitoring for Drug Resistance by Genotyping (Parikh) (Download) 2008-09-09476.94 KB
OSOM BV Blue &Trichomonas Rapid Tests (Rabe) (Download) 2008-09-09123.09 KB
South Africa - Minimizing Errors During On-site Rapid HIV Testing (Maharaj) (Download) 2008-09-09868.6 KB
Zimbabwe - A case of collection tubes causing hemolysis on Coagulation Samples (Shumba) (Download) 2008-09-09290.2 KB
10: MTN 2007 Regional Meeting
Coagulation PT Reagent New Lot Validation (Download) 2007-05-2347.5 KB
Coagulation Testing (Download) 2007-05-2372.03 KB
Find the answer in the manual (Download) 2007-05-23135.52 KB
Hematology (Download) 2007-05-23498.56 KB
HIV Rapids and Western Blot (Download) 2007-05-23193.86 KB
HPRU Chain of Custody. What can go wrong? (Download) 2007-05-23620.19 KB
HPTN Lab Site ProbeTec – Lusaka (Download) 2007-05-23578.76 KB
MOP Presentation (Download) 2007-05-2357.85 KB
MTN Lab Review 2007 (Download) 2007-05-2434.2 KB
MTN Regional Laboratory Breakout 2007 (Download) 2007-05-2392.73 KB
ProbeTec Troubleshooting (Download) 2007-05-2369.08 KB
pSMILE/LFG (Download) 2007-05-2375.14 KB