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The Biomedical Science Working Group (BSWG) provides scientific advice and leadership on several key aspects of MTN research, including in the development of hypothesis-driven secondary objectives for MTN protocols and the consideration of optimal approaches for collecting, storing and evaluating clinical trial specimens. Areas of focus and interest center primarily on examining pharmacology (where study products are absorbed within the body), inflammation and other immunological responses to products, and potential changes in vaginal bacteria, among others. The work of this group provides critical input that enables the MTN to implement cutting-edge science in microbicide testing that improves the quality of trial research data.


Membership in the BSWG includes a BSWG Chair, who serves on the MTN Steering Committee (SC), the Laboratory Center (LC) Principal Investigator; leaders of the LC’s three cores (Protocol Support, Virology and Pharmacology); and MTN science investigators.


Contact the BSWG Chair Jeanne Marrazzo, MD, MPH


BSWG Members


More information about the BSWG can be found in the MTN Manual of Operational Procedures, Section 4, Microbicide Trials Network Committees, Working Groups, and Protocol Teams.