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Presentations from Saturday, October 8, 2011
ABDOOL KARIM-Year in Review and Looking Ahead (Download) 2011-10-081.55 MB
BAETEN-PALANEE-Next Steps for HIV Prevention in Women (Download) 2011-10-082.15 MB
CHIRENJE-What’s Happening with Tenofovir Gel-Trials Update and Overview (Download) 2011-10-081.26 MB
HILLIER-Vaginal Rings-Clinical Evaluation of the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring (Download) 2011-10-08271.07 KB
MARRAZZO-HILLIER-How Can a Significant Outcome of One Trial Impact Ongoing or Future Trials (Download) 2011-10-081.11 MB
What Would You Do? (Download) 2011-10-0831.08 KB