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In prior years of the MTN, the Behavioral Research Working Group (BRWG) provided input and innovative ideas to enhance understanding of behaviors before, during and after microbicide use; and on ways for collecting accurate behavioral data. This included advising on ways to most accurately measure product acceptability, product adherence and sexual behaviors, and other risk behaviors that may be relevant within the context of a particular trial. Any protocol that has a behavioral component included at least one member of the BRWG on the protocol team to provide guidance on methodology and data collection tools for behavioral assessment, especially of acceptability and adherence to the investigational products under study. In addition to providing input and support into the design and development of MTN protocols, the BRWG developed innovative techniques (including new technologies) for capturing critical behavioral data in clinical trials; developed the tools and instruments for capturing quantitative and qualitative behavioral data in MTN protocols and provided input and support for the development of innovative intervention programs to improve adherence and protocol compliance.

Membership in the BRWG included a BRWG Chair, who served on the MTN Executive Committee (EC), MTN behavioral scientists and other experts in the field, and representative(s) from the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Contact the former BRWG Chair Ariane van der Straten, PhD, MPH

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