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July 21, 2022


Dear MTN Friends and Family,


We wanted to be sure you were aware of this important announcement concerning the Population Council’s acquisition of IPM’s dapivirine ring portfolio of products. It was a true privilege to partner with IPM in the development of the monthly dapivirine ring – the first long-acting HIV prevention method and the first method specifically for women to be approved. We especially want to thank Zeda Rosenberg for being the trailblazer that she was. With there still being a South African base of operations, we also look forward to maintaining our strong ties with IPM as we see through to the completion of our remaining study, DELIVER (MTN-042), in pregnant women. During our time as a network, we also worked closely with Pop Council, and we have full confidence in their commitment to ensuring that the 90-day dapivirine ring and the three-month contraceptive ring will be additional HIV prevention options for women.

Please see each of their press statements below.