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Datavision Instructions
Quick Reference Guide for Authors and Reviewers (Download) 2018-02-14441.35 KB
Quick Reference Guide Trifold (Download) 2018-01-31282.07 KB
WebPortal Login (Download) 2018-01-31236.4 KB
ASPIRE (Download) 2018-01-3111.88 KB
HOPE (Download) 2018-01-3129.24 KB
MTN (Horizontal) (Download) 2018-01-3119.81 KB
MTN (Stacked) (Download) 2018-02-2624.8 KB
REACH (Download) 2018-01-3138.98 KB
VOICE (Download) 2018-01-3183.52 KB
Meeting Publication Submission Timelines
Conference Abstract, Oral, and Poster Submission Timelines (Download) 2021-04-0741.46 KB
Oral Presentation Templates
MTN PowerPoint Presentation Style 1 (Download) 2014-10-09214.5 KB
MTN PowerPoint Presentation Style 2 (Download) 2014-10-09220.1 KB
Policies, Guidelines and Forms
MRC Review Guidelines (Download) 2018-02-14154.03 KB
MTN Acknowledgment/Funding Statement (Download) 2019-04-0214.76 KB
MTN Publication Concept Proposal Form (Download) 2018-08-0341.38 KB
MTN Publication Policy (MTN MOP Section 20) (Download) 2019-05-31354.12 KB
NIH Public Access Policy, PubMed Central and the NIH Manuscript Submission System (Download) 2018-01-2220.91 KB
Poster Templates
CROI MTN Poster Template (3 columns) (Download) 2018-02-14110.22 KB
CROI MTN Poster Template (4 columns) (Download) 2018-02-14120.48 KB
IAS MTN Poster Template (Download) 2018-02-14229.05 KB
MTN Poster Template (Download) 2014-07-23107.08 KB
R4P MTN Poster Template (Download) 2018-02-14152.33 KB