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A stakeholder consultation was held in February in Kisumu, Kenya for the MTN-034/IPM 045 (REACH) study of the dapivirine vaginal ring and oral PrEP in adolescent girls and young women. It was the final meeting of a series of in-country consultations as MTN prepares for the launch of REACH (Reversing the Epidemic in Africa with Choices in HIV prevention) in mid-2018. MTN partnered with AVAC, International Partnerships for Microbicides (IPM), a non-profit organization that developed the dapivirine ring, and the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) to conduct the meeting. During the meeting, young women and teens shared their views about the upcoming study, and learned about the study design, products and timelines. In anticipation of the launch of the REACH study in Kenya, CDC Kenya and KEMRI also celebrated the opening of a new adolescent clinic, which will serve as a site for the REACH study and provide a safe place for youth to participate in HIV research. In addition to Kenya, the REACH study is taking place in South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe, and will enroll 300 young women and girls – 100 girls ages 16-17 and 200 young women ages 18-21.