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This event was held at the Key Bridge Marriot, Arlington, VA, on August 25-26, 2015.  Presentations from this meeting are posted below.

Presentations from August 25, 2015
CAMERON: The CHARM-01 Study: Assessing Formulations of Tenofovir 1% Gel in HIV Seronegative Adults Via Transcriptome Analysis (Download) 2015-08-251.05 MB
DEZZUTTI: Mucosal Assays in HIV Prevention Trials: Vaginal Microbicide Trials (Download) 2015-08-25332.07 KB
DUFFIL: Flow Cytometry Laboratory Considerations (Download) 2015-08-25977.95 KB
HILLIER: Culture Based Techniques in the Omics Era (Download) 2015-08-25824.19 KB
HLADIK: Pioneering systems biology in clinical microbicide trials – MTN-007 and beyond (Download) 2015-08-251.02 MB
MARRAZZO: The Genital Microbiome in Studies of Bacterial Vaginosis (Download) 2015-08-252.29 MB
MCGOWAN: Flow Cytometric Analysis of Gut Biopsies (Download) 2015-08-251.44 MB
MCGOWAN: Mucosal Assays in Oral and Long Acting (LA) Antiretroviral PrEP Trials (Download) 2015-08-25467.54 KB
MCGOWAN: Mucosal Assays in Rectal Microbicide Trials (Download) 2015-08-25904.34 KB
RICHARDSON: Statistical Considerations (Download) 2015-08-25100.41 KB
Presentations from August 26, 2015
BUMPUS: Discovery of Genetic Variants of the Kinases that Activate Tenofovir in a Compartment-Specific Manner (Download) 2015-08-26500.39 KB
DEZZUTTI: Pharmacodynamics: Genital Tract Pharmacodynamics (Download) 2015-08-26950.87 KB
HENDRIX: Pharmacokinetics in Microbicide Development (Download) 2015-08-261.52 MB
MCGOWAN: Rectal Compartment Pharmacodynamics (Download) 2015-08-261.23 MB
RICHARDSON-HARMAN: Integrating PK/PD (Download) 2015-08-26413.82 KB