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The lead author of each MTN publication is responsible for following the MTN publication guidelines and processes as described in the MTN Manual of Operational Procedures, Section 20, Network Publication Policy.


A few key steps in the MTN publication development process and the relevant MTN supporting materials/guidelines are provided below:



Develop a publication concept and submit it to the Protocol Publication Committee with a MTN Publication Concept Proposal Form.


Meet the publication timeline. For meeting abstracts and presentations, see an up-to-date Conference Abstract, Oral, and Poster Submission Timelines document.



Prepare a draft publication based on the approved publication concept:

Submit publication draft for all review/approval steps and revise accordingly:

  • Submit draft directly to co-authors.

  • Submit draft to FHI 360 representative who will then coordinate the reviews with the Protocol Publication Committee, Product Developer, and Manuscript Review Committee.

  • View the PPC recommendation and comments and Product Developer and comments via an email provided by the FHI360 representative. View the MRC recommendation and comments via an email provided by the he MTN Scientific Communications and Publications Manager.


Upon obtaining final approval from the Manuscript Review Committee, submit the approved publication to the target venue.



Upon acceptance/publication (for manuscripts) conduct necessary steps to ensure the publication will meet the NIH Public Access Policy.