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Bloodborne Pathogens (Download) 2004-10-21914.5 KB
Diagnosis of HIV-1 Infection (Download) 2004-10-212.3 MB
Hematology, Chemistry, Coagulation: Helpful Hints (Download) 2004-10-21800.33 KB
Laboratory Overview (Download) 2004-10-21355.03 KB
Laboratory Safety (Download) 2004-10-21427.98 KB
Overview of Wet Preps and Gram stains (Download) 2004-10-193.27 MB
ProbeTec (Download) 2004-10-191.35 MB
Syphilis Testing: RPR and Confirmatory (Download) 2004-10-191.08 MB
Urinalysis for HPTN 035 (Download) 2004-10-1959.04 KB
Urine Pregnancy Test (Download) 2004-10-192.33 MB