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Acceptability and Use Questionnaire (Download) 2011-06-29118.33 KB
Demographics Form (Download) 2011-06-2940.61 KB
Diary Card (Download) 2011-06-2952.64 KB
Diary Card Log (Download) 2011-06-2929.68 KB
Enrollment Status Form (Download) 2011-06-2920.58 KB
In-Depth Interview Guide (Download) 2011-06-2922.25 KB
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria Form (Download) 2011-06-2926.93 KB
Product Dispensation & Accountability Log (Download) 2011-06-2926.82 KB
Termination Form (Download) 2011-06-2919.57 KB
Sample Visit Checklists
Exit Visit Checklist (Download) 2011-06-1824.67 KB
Interim Visit Checklist (Download) 2011-06-1825.41 KB
Screening and Enrollment (Download) 2011-06-1835.76 KB
Product Use Checklist (Download) 2011-06-1845.5 KB
Screening and Enrollment Log (Download) 2011-06-1852 KB