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ACASI Questionnaire Schedule - Oral (Download) 2010-08-16205.5 KB
Administering Behavioral CRFs (Download) 2010-08-161.25 MB
Contraception Counseling Considerations (Download) 2010-08-162.33 MB
Data Management Considerations (Download) 2010-08-161.38 MB
DataFax Overview and CRF Completion (Download) 2010-08-16842.5 KB
Follow-up Visit Scheduling and Visit Coding (Download) 2010-08-161.28 MB
General Interviewing Techniques (Download) 2010-08-16875.5 KB
HIV Counseling and Testing (Download) 2010-08-16223 KB
Informed Consent Process: Key Considerations (Download) 2010-08-162.34 MB
Laboratory Training (Download) 2010-08-16256.5 KB
More on Adverse Events (Download) 2010-08-30166.5 KB
Overview of Tenofovir’s Anticipated Adverse Events and Resistance Concerns (Download) 2010-08-171.3 MB
Participant Accrual Plans (Download) 2010-08-16451 KB
Participant Retention Plans (Download) 2010-08-16437 KB
Participant Safety and Monitoring (Download) 2010-08-164.13 MB
Randomization Overview (Download) 2010-08-161.76 MB
Rounding and Lab Results (Download) 2010-08-16212 KB
Selected Clinical Considerations (Download) 2010-08-161.13 MB
Social Harms:Expectations for Site Planning and Preparation (Download) 2010-08-16181.5 KB
Specimen Labeling and Preparation for Entry into LDMS (Download) 2010-08-16651.5 KB
Study Product Adherence Counseling At Enrollment (Download) 2010-08-163.98 MB
Study Product Adherence Counseling At Follow-up Visits (Download) 2010-08-16180.5 KB
Study Product Return Re-Supply and Re-Issue (Download) 2010-08-164.37 MB
Syphilis in VOICE (Download) 2010-08-16281.5 KB
Use of Safety Monitoring Flow Sheets (Download) 2010-08-161001.5 KB